Art Stuff

This page was seriously overdue. I had lots of art stuff floating around. My recent work with Bryce is what finally prompted me to get around to writing this page, but I'll have to collect the "stuff" slowly. I have, of course, made all of these into jpegs so you can view them in a browser. There is some more of this kind of thing linked from the GRID in my playground: where the web things are.


Greenish Bryce Rendering

I made these next few in Bryce (& some photoshop) after work while waiting for CDs to burn.


Roll Scanner Art

I used this old roll scanner of my mother's for the art on Hypermarks, and here are some other pieces that resulted from the same process.


Cubed Self Portraits

Thoughtbubble Series


Mirror Series


Stage Series


Phorce Renders

Here is an index of some attempts I made at a logo for a Quake3 clan. The last few are the best ones.


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