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Chris Abraham Projects:
homepage, and worked with Judy Malloy on My name is Scibe. (see Malloy) Genre(s): HYPERFiction, poetry Location: Washington DC Udi Aloni Projects: Aloni says Re-U-Man (www.Re-U-Man.com) is "a structure that helps me send my fragmented "I" to you (plural) and re-collect your commentary, for me to speak again in a way that might surprise me. The project begins  with the presentation and will continue on the Internet, as well as at stations/installations located in museums, galleries, libraries, and schools." Aloni uses sound and image in his creation to narrate and explain. Re-U-Man appears to be Aloni's only web-project. a bio is at:www.spacelab.net/~udi/main/bio.html Location: New York City Source Code: "Pure" mark amerika Projects: founder of alt-X. author of gramatron, etc... see Ensemble Logic for another piece. and one other exists in the first issue of frAme. Location: Genre(s): HYPERFiction, HYPEREssay, etc. Code: Miekel And Projects: Literature Nation also see Joglars: Crossmedia Boradcast Genre(s): HYPERFiction, Art, Poetry "HYPERPoesy" Location: Wisconsin? Daniel Garcia Andujar Projects: Technologies to the people is suppose to bring into question issues of class and acess to technology by parody. Andujar brings into question ideas of global colonization. couldn't find anything else. Location: born (and presumably still lives in spain...operates overseas... Like Re-U-Man, this particular piece appears to be more of a presentation or an instalation... Code: no meta... "clean" Di Ball Projects: an choice between _cyberkali_ and _Krystal Ball_, Ball's two works. Genre(s): HYPERfiction/Art Location: australia Kevin Marcus Bell Projects: Our Beautiful Child was found at the 2001 site.. see above. Genre(s): multimedia... movies & webart/text Location: bio can be found here but does not include location. Michael Barnard Projects: CYBERSONNET: An Interactive Electronic Poem Genre(s): HYPERPoetry Location: ??? Mark Bernstein Projects: Hypertext Gardens more here Genre(s): HYPEREssay Location: Watertown MA? Simon Biggs Projects: "The Great Wall of China" "Book of Shadows" and "Virtual Conversation" are accessable at: http://www.easynet.co.uk/simonbiggs/webworks.htm Genre(s): "book of shadows" is image rich, some appears to be poetry accompanied by images...The great wall of china, is interesting because it creates the text as you play with it, but as a result it is rather nonsensical. The image changes as well, which is interesting, and there are (chinese or japanise) characters involved in some way as well. Location: Born in australia, now lives in London UK Code: "Clean" --Biggs actually wrote the code for this stuff. David Blair Project(s): webwax claims to be the first online movie. Genre: HYPERMovie Location: ??? Natalie Bookchin Projects: http://jupiter.ucsd.edu/~bookchin/home.html http://www.calarts.edu/~bookchin/ Natalie Bookchin is one of those listed in the authors list on the Interface page as having helped author "homework" www.calarts.edu/%7Ebookchin/intruder.html... a "game translation" she calls it, of a story by Borges. In true Borgesian style, I cannot actually find the game, only the description of the game. Location: University of California, SanDiego Genres: intelectual hypertext metanaratives Code: some her own, and some Netscape Composer Heath Bunting http://www.irational.org/heath/ An index of Bunting's work, including "Own, Be Owned Or Remain Invisible" which is a strange sort of statement about domain names...I think... It is seemingly about Bunting himself, and "signed" James Flint. Nearly every word is a link to "www.whatever-the-word-is.com". The text is kinda hard to read because it's all really light. "PAIN OF EXISTENCE" is also quite interesting...is it hypertext, or is it a slide show? Includes some really awesome words though, mostly on billboards, including "Most art says nothing to most people." "The Pleasure Project"... utilizes combined authorship for some of the main links, and for others describes art projects...sorta. Location: All the email in this site goes to "???@cybercafe.org" cybercafe.org is registered to Ivan Pope of London, UK...There are other references to UK... http://www.irational.org/info/observer.html About Heath Bunting... Lives in UK, started Cyber Cafe according to this article by Jim McClellan. (URL at the end of the article is no longer in effect.) Genres: hypertext, pornography, hyper-photography Code: his own. Melinda Burgess Projects: - line - among others can be found at Burgess's homepage, www.subtle.net. Location: Burgess lives and operates out of Australia. Genre: Line is an instalation/fiction primarilly dealing with on-line issues. Code: her own. Linda Carroli Project(s): *water writes always in *plural is a colaboration with Josephine Wilson. Also has _about flytrap_, _cipher_, _terrene_, and others accessable at her homepage. Location: Brisbane Australia Genre(s): hypertext Code: ? Janet Cohen Projects: www.three.org ... Agree to Disagree Online is a flash based (I think) presentation of an argument about hypertext vs. linear narative. I have not searched yet for Janet Cohen exclusively. Much information is available on all three colaborators at www.three.org. Genres: art, meta-hypertext-narative Location: New York city Code: Pagemill 2.0 & Javascript...probably multimedia flash as well... Erin Coleman Projects: has a project at 2001. Genre(S): this is almost a short story on one page... with links to various hyper illustrations. Location: ??? Margaret Crane Project(s): www.pair.xerox.com/cw Genre(s): not searched yet Location: San Francisco, california Code: pure Jeff Curtis Projects: http://www.ratstocats.com/23.html SUb-WEb...his homepage... Genres: HYPERcomics Maria Damon Projects: Literature Nation see Miekel And among others...see her formal page for more works. Genre(s): HYPERPoesy, etc. Location: Minneapolis, MN Adrienne Eisen Projects: Six Sex Scenes is a novel in hypertext. Genre: Themes include childhood, abuse, relationships and sex. Location: ? Code: ? Keith Frank Projects: Agree to Disagree online. Other searches for more work have not yet been made extensively. Genres: art, meta-hypertext-narative Location: New York City Code: Pagemill 2.0...etc. Matthew Fuller projects: I/O/D 4 - "The Web Stalker" Fuller says in an essay titled "A Means of Mutation," Previous to the Web Stalker, work by artists on the web was channelled into merely providing content for web sites. These sites are bound by the conventions enforced by browser-type software. They therefore remain the most determining aesthetic of this work. The majority of web-based art, if it deals with its media context at all can be understood by four brief typologies: incoherence (user abuse, ironic dysfunctionality, randomness to mask pointlessness) archaeology (media archaeology, emulators of old machines and software, and structuralist materialist approach) retro-tooling (integrity to old materials in 'new' media, integrity as kitsch derived from punk/jazz/hip hop, old-style computer graphics, and 'filmic references' - the Futile Style Of London 12) deconstruction (conservative approach to analysing-in-practice the development of multimedia and networks, consistently re-articulating contradiction rather than using it as a launching pad for new techniques of composition). Genre: I/O/D is a browser. Location: London based. Code: His and the other people on the project. Masaki Fujihata Project(s): Light on the Net is a clickable picture of a set of lights that suposedly go on and off when you click them... in real life as well as onscreen. (http://light.softopia.pref.gifu.jp/) He has other projects available here: (http://www.flab.mag.keio.ac.jp/) Genre(s): he seems to be dealing with the interactions of RL and the web. Location: Tokyo Code: Obviously _something_ weird, but who knows... could be sofware, most likely it's developed by Fujihata himself. Ken Goldberg Project(s): Memento Mori, among others (see homepage), uses an interface with the real world. (a seismograph in this case) I don't really know if there is a narative at work, although the prjects are interesting. Homepage: http://www.ieor.berkeley.edu/~goldberg/art/ Genre(s): interelation between web and RL Location: Berkley CA Code: evidence of both Microsoft Word & Netscape, but there must also be something else at large... (java) Keneth Goldsmith Projects: Fidget is a project co-authored with Clem Paulsen... it is a strange mix of HYPERpoetry/text and HYPERmedia. Here is a quote from the site about Goldsmith:
Kenneth Goldsmith is the author of No. 111 2.7.93-10.20.96 (1997, The Figures, http://www.buffalo.edu/epc/authors/goldsmith/111) and 73 Poems, a collaboration with vocalist Joan La Barbara (book 1994 by Permanent Press, compact disc 1994 by Lovely Music, Ltd., http://www.ubu.com/contemp/goldsmith/73/73.html). His visual works have been exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide. Goldsmith is the editor of UbuWeb Visual, Concrete + Sound Poetry (http://www.ubu.com), a DJ at 91.1 WFMU in New York City (http://www.wfmu.org/~kennyg), and a music critic at New York Press.
Genre: see above. Location: New York City code: Clem Paulsen wrote the code... it's a java aplet. Harry Goldstein http://www.echonyc.com/~harry/ Projects: The Lung Prophet is a novel length complex hyperfiction. (1995) but does not exist anymore!!! Genre: dunno yet. Location: ^^^ Code: Guillermo Gomez-Pena Projects: temple of confessions & CyberVato are the two projects most discussed. Genre: there are lots of forms...but none that I see much use for. (IE, I don't think they change the work in any way.) Location: born in Mexico City, and now lives/works in San Francisco (?-maybe LA) Code: It appears that some javascript is done by skinpop. Aurlea Harvey Projects: entropy8 won the award for Best Arts site at the 1998 Webby Awards. Also has _something_ to do with Hell.com, www.womanonfire.com, and visceral.net. Genre(s): Location: Code: mostly javascript Anu M. Hautalampi http://www.desires.com/3.5/word/fiction/index.html Projects: ^^^ the title is either 'lost it' or 'word'... Genre(s): Location: Code: Joan Heemskerk Projects: www.jodi.org Genres: Mostly image dealing with computer errors, but there are also interesting things dealing with newer technologies in browser design, forms, etc. Location: Code: David Herrstrom Projects: has various hypertext poetry scattered at various places...also see New River listed in HYPERLinks Genre(s): HYPERPoetry Location: now lives in New Jersey lisa hutton Homepage: http://sgva-serv1.ucsd.edu/~art-slab/ARTSLAB/LisaHutton/LLHpage.html Projects: Victorian.NET, CYBER*BABES (a fan dance for adults) Woman Words, ELECTROCATING DADA BOOM, others... Also see: http://www.archimuse.com/mw98/beyondinterface/hutton_fr.html at Beyond Interface. Genre: Several of Lisa Hutton's works are primarily image oriented, with a very linear (next, back, home) linking structure. Words do accompany the images, and in creative ways, but the images seem to hold sway. These pieces are usually fairly straight forward, and end in a link outside the hypertext, usually at a site that illustrates a point presented in the particular piece. An exception to both of these statements is "woman's words", a piece that features words (and again images) that pertain to women in specific. --Although I couldn't quite figure out Michael Jackson's role in that perspective. In this case the text was not prose, and more lists. Location: San Diego California Code: most likely her own jon ippolito Projects: agree to disagre online also see: http://cyberatlas.guggenheim.org for his "work" Genres: art, meta-hypertext-narative Location: New York City homepage: http://www.nyu.edu/classes/blais/jci/ Code: pagemill 2.0 & others... Michael Joyce http://iberia.vassar.edu/~mijoyce/htexts.html Joyce's homepage...a list of publications Joyce currently works at Vassar college in New York(?)... http://www.december.com/cmc/mag/1997/jun/joyce.html Interview with Michael Joyce by Chris Lapham Justin Projects: Justin's homepage is all about his life. This is his life, much like Jenicam, but much more textual. Genres: Online Hypertext Autobiography Location: (east coast) Code: his own. Nancy Kaplan Projects: index of HYPEREssays on Kaplan's homepage. Genre: HYPEREssays Location: Baltimore MD Olia Lialina Projects: My boyfriend came back from the warhttp://www.design.ru/olialia/war/ The most startling thing about "My Boyfriend" for me was the way that everything disappeared in the end. You were left with this stark black subdivided screen. Agatha (http://www.c3.hu/collection/agatha/) is interesting because it calls into question the function of every item on the screen. Java enables certian words to appear when the mouse is hovering over the characters, creating a dialogue of sorts. The addresses of the links are used in narative as well. TELEPORTACIA (http://art.teleportacia.org) Is another of Lialina's projects... The net's first true net-art gallery? Features "IF YOU WANT TO CLEAN YOUR SCREEN" an original piece of art by Olia Lialina...conceptually stunning. Also see the Banners, just because they're really freeking cool. ANNA KARENIN GOES TO PARADISE (www.teleportacia.org/anna) This is an interesting portrayal (parody) of the search for love on the internet. What is possibally a complete list of projects can be found at Lialina's WILL-N-TESTAMENT About Lialiha:http://art.teleportacia.org/about/about_olia.html Bibliography:http://www.design.ru/olialia/olia.html Location: Lialiha (BORN 1971), lives and works in moscow Here is a NY times article (http://www.nytimes.com/library/tech/98/11/cyber/artsatlarge/19artsatlarge.html) on the sale of internet art...to the walker art center. Code: Dale MacDonald Project(s): www.pair.xerox.com/cw/ Genre(s): not searched yet Location: San Francisco california Code: pure Judy Malloy Projects: Supposedly the "first electronic hypertext", Uncle Roger (http://www.well.com/user/jmalloy/party.html) is an interesting poem/prose combination... The Roar of Destiny Emanated from the Refrigerator (http://www.well.com/user/jmalloy/aframe.html) is almost more aptly described as a hypertext poetry. The author has created a huge labyrinth of connected (textual) images. At first, you see a frame version of several of the pages, but if curiosity causes you to click on any text...more appears, I'm not sure about the structure, honestly. Also has l0ve 0ne on eastgate's site, and My name is Scibe, a HYPERFiction/Poetry colaboration that begins with Malloy's depiction of an accident she experienced. List of her works is here. Genres: hyperpoetry/prose/essay Location: Code: her own m[e]z mary-anne breeze(?) Projects: what was refered to as a net.art URL Genre(s): HYPERArt Location: Tarrawanna Australia David Micko and Julieann M. Brown-Micko Projects: Wingspan is a hyperfictional colaboration. Genres: HYPERFiction, vampirism, angels Location: ?? Mathew Miller Projects: Trip -- http://muse.jhu.edu/journals/postmodern_culture/v007/7.1miller.html I think this was adapted for the web by Goerge Landaw... Genre(s): Location: Code: Scott Minneman Project(s): www.pair.xerox.com/cw/ Genre(s): not searched yet Location: san francisco california Code: pure Stuart Moulthrop Projects: Moulthrop's Alternative Home Page Hegirascope Genre(s): HYPERTexts, HYPEREssays Location: BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Robbin Murphy Projects: Is the artistic director of artnetweb.com and also runs href="http://www.artnetweb.com/iola/tumbleweed/index.html">Project Tumbleweed. Other projects can be found at www.artnetweb.com/murph/. Genre(s): Location: NY, NY. (I think.) Code: Eric H. Nyberg Project(s): The Persistent Data Confidante Genre(s): This is a sort of secret machine to which you can tell all your innermost secrets, and in return receive a secret back. Location: Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh Pensylvania Code: I think this guy wrote it. Dirk Paesmans Projects: www.jodi.org Genres: Mostly image dealing with computer errors, but there are also interesting things dealing with newer technologies in browser design, forms, etc. Location: Code: Robin Parmar Projects: Here is a list of online creative works...several hypertexts, including "The genomachine project" "Field Guide to the Insects", and a strange representation of the word "photographs"... Location: http://www.execulink.com/~robin1/r_robin.htm is a bio. Parmar lives in London, Ontario, Canada. Code: This site is designed extremely well, (flash?) and as near as I can tell, he does all the programing himself. Cary Peppermint Projects: peppermint Genre(s): Online Performance art? Location: New York Code: clean Dan Powell Projects: Lurid Hummingbird (www-personal.umich.edu/~rmutt/HomePage.html) is a sort of hyperfiction index or zine. The main work is called Synthetic Journal, but all of the projects are quite interesting. Genre: Location: Code: without generator tag Lance Robinson Projects: "I Am Here (www.web.net/~lrobinso/hyperfic.html) is another prose only hyperfiction novel, I think there are science fiction elements. Not sure. Not all that exciting. elizabeth rodwell Projects: The Angel Gray was found on pubSphere. More can be found on her own website, albiet burried. Genres: hyperfiction/photography Location: Brown University (is that in Cambridge, Massachusetts?) Geoff Ryman Projects: 253 is "a novel for the Internet about London Underground in seven cars and a crash" (Ryman's site) Genre(s): HYPERFiction Location: UK Christy Sheffield Sanford Projects: Her web bio has links to all of her online projects. HYPERFiction: Bodies of Water: Fountain Albertas, NoPink, Bigamy in the Desert, Safara in the Beginning. Also directs a colaboration titled _Madame de Lafayette Book of Hours_. Genres: HYPERFiction, HYPEREssay Location: code: her own. Alexi Shulgin Projects: Another one of the "Homework" crowd, she also started "easylife.org" Has a "Desktop Is" (www.easylife.org/desktop) series of images and words (many of the images are manipulated screenshots.) Location: born and lives in moscow? code: does her own. Roberto Sifuentes Projects: temple of confessions & CyberVato are the two projects most discussed. Genre: there are lots of forms...but none that I see much use for. (I.E. I don't think they change the work in any way.) Location: Originally from LA, now lives in NYC. Code: It appears that some javascript is done by skinpop. John F. Simon, Jr. Projects: Every Icon Genre(s): This is a java applet that fills a grid from the corner with black squares. I really don't know what use it might come to. Location: NYC Code: his own Joseph Squier Projects: Urban Diary (http://gertrude.art.uiuc.edu/ludgate/the/place/urban_diary/intro.html) is is an image oriented page, with lists and interesting voyeuristic tidbits...the piece is presented as "found" poetry. Genre(s): Squier is primarilly an aesthetic artist...so far, this is the only work of his that I have found which incorporates text. Location: code: Keiko Suzuki Projects: 7-11 (http://www.7-11.org) I think this has to do with emails and possibly online seduction, I'm just not sure yet. It's very odd and seems to be just a listing of emails made publicly available or something. Location: born in Japan, now lives & works in Europe Source: Nothing I recognize...although it does seem cluttered for a human author. Interview with Suzuki (http://www.irational.org/info/rhizome.html). Some interesting parts. Bit Revolution (http://m9ndfukc.com/dfk_okkupation/bit_revolution/) is this the same author? I linked here from 7-11, but I don't know... Piotr Szyhalski Project(s): The Final Analysis is featured at beyond.interface, and other works can be found at The Spleen. Genre(s): Very visual, but words play a large part. Location: Lives in Minneapolis area and works at MCAD. Code: clean Greg Ulmer Projects: cyberpidgin is an index of his work. Maintains the Florida Research Ensemble. Genres: HYPERText, HYPEREssay, etc. Location: Professor at University of Florida code: clean Paul Vanouse Project(s): The Persistent Data Confidante Genre(s): This is a sort of secret machine to which you can tell all your innermost secrets, and in return receive a secret back. Homepage: www.contrib.andrew.cmu.edu/~pv28 Location: Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh Pensilvania Code: someone wrote it. There is at very least a script involved. annette weintraub Project(s): Pedestrian Genre(s): She calls Pedestrian a work of art for the web, but it incorporates a poetic narrative as well as striking images. Location: Code: Josephine Wilson Projects: she has many colaborations with Linda Carroli, including *water writes always in *plural Genre(s): HYPERText, HYPEREssay Location: Perth Australia Code: ? Jon Winet Project(s): http://www.pair.xerox.com/cw/ Genre(s): not searched yet Location: san francisco california Code: pure Adrianne Wortzel Projects: The Electronic Chronicles http://artnetweb.com/artnetweb/projects/ahneed/first.html are subtitled an "Archaeological Deconstruction Publication". (If that helps.) Genre(s): Location: Code: Jeffery Zimbalist Projects: Pinkhouse (http://www.brown.edu/Departments/English/Writing/object/hypertext/pinkhouse/index.html) is an interesting Hyperfiction, there are lots of characters, and generally it's fairly well written, but the engine (java?) leaves a bit to be desired. Location: Jeffery Zimbalist is out of Brown University, and produced this work specifically for a seminar taught by Robert Arellano. Code: Adapted by another individual. (see Impossible Object)


http://www.angwels.com/ ANGWELS, a hyperfiction collaboration thing (international?) http://www.innotts.co.uk/~leo/ Dark Lethe -- colaboarative HYPERFiction http://www.thing.net/~floating/ Floating Point Unit http://trace.ntu.ac.uk/quilt/index.html Noon Quilt, a truly global colaboration of HYPERText http://www.superbad.com:80/limit.html Parasitesite...very interesting, very cool. http://www.ilinxmedia.com/shiftcity/ shift city, a product of ilinx http://www.cochran.com:80/theodore/activities/interactivestories/default.html Theodore Tugboat stories...interactive stories for children. (tree-style)
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