word i o t intentional less neon e e o noon neon o o o noon dog o o god d dumb m o bomb b Exposition: Crossword Puzzle Poetry is an experimental form. (Certainly not a new one, although it is new to me, and I may have invented the term--I'm not taking credit for it yet.) My hypothesis is that it is as natural to read downward as it is to read from left to right. (Or rather, we already read downward and from left to right, we simply do not assimilate the words that are made in text in that direction.) Like I said, this form is new to me. These poems were primarily inspired by thoughts of the game scrabble, and finding interesting combinations of words at random, although I have plans to actually look in crossword puzzles for inspirational "poetic material" (whatever that means) and create poems based on solutions to interesting clues, with the clues as titles. Another interesting experiment would be to actually play a game like Scrabble (or UpWords or Boggle, or any other game making words relatively randomly,) and create poems based on your game. I am very interested in the idea of randomness affecting poetry, although the result can never seem random! (Or at least, should make sense --whatever that means--out of the randomness.) If you have written your own crossword puzzle poetry, or know of others who have, send me an email and let me know where to find it, or put it in the email. If it's your own work, and you'd like to see it on this page, let me know that too! r tri nice trip i\/v trape c/\i trope evil yt fuck i lame lyingaround i d o n i g nothing time g out i a i m t drinking ! somuch/so g a n years obviously ie gametimesup hr minutslike g y p t kings a n -12/10/98