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Here are some pictures we used to have on the top of our page. I think the first one was taken at a show we did durring the May Day festival in Powderhorn Park, and the second one we were at a UMJC picnic.
Here are some pictues of Dan and I passing while he's stilting.
Then there are some black and white pictures of Dan stilting and juggling at the Edina Arts Center.
Here are some miscelanious pictures of dan juggling five clubs:
More misc pictures of Dan:
Here are three pics of dan juggling on a post out at Renaissance:
This one is actually a link to my index of club-formed letters. So you can download the pictures I use as a font above. The capital letters are the larger size. If you use these letters on a webpage, please credit me (Martin Grider) or link to my page.

An index of'll see what I mean.

My unauthorized index of juggling pics that have appeared in the Minnesota Daily. (Including the one already shown above.) Shhhh. Don't tell anyone official. ;)

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