Blurb bursting in the hivemind, blurbs are poetry in short, in prose, in random, in “the cloud”, in spurts, in utero. Creative experiments in wordforming.

Mindblurb history is navigable.

I’ve spent much of my life trying to reproduce various states of mind:
A deeply introspective emotion or thought-inducing intensity: lust or melancholy, for poetry.
A deeply mind-bending barrage of possibility, strategy, for chess, or go.
A thoughtless outpouring of language for these mindblurbs (and poetry).
A thoughtless outpouring of spacial geometry for Tetris and various video games.
A deeply flowing river of gnarly problem solving, for coding.
A thoughtless emptiness, readiness, awareness, for meditation.
These are not so different, realy; both thought and thoughtlessness.
All invoke the subconsious, an attempt to make something instinctual.
The repetition of thought, the practice of thought, is itself like one of these states.
In my practice of thought-practice, I have (hopefully), made myself a master
of mind-repetition, a jedi mind-medler.

fetishists of feet
fornication with corns
callus kissing lovers
chronicle of fascination
cat calling for paws
stubby human claws
riding the hooves
galloping on galoshes
getting your feet WET
pinching to pedicure porn
sneaky sneaker sex
high heel hedonism
sock sucking shocking
barefoot bareback
homo podophiliac

some subteranian subconscious, a sampling of sentience in shambles
oh esophogas, a glare of incompetent breath, a glance of terminal throttle
throat-tissue balled or bulldozed, blatant emptiness offered, offal orifice

blister bitter bitten lip on ice-tongue slip
outside sanctum snowfall sacrifice

butter in a beautiful pad, gimic-flips, sated by cyber-centaurs—half-man half-circuit
This borg blurb brought to you by the letter ‘b’.
The bitch bubble of the internet burst, and trolls and teenagers all lost their digital tonsils…
one moment of sanity amongst the bits.