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Thanks for visiting my webpage! I have some cool stuff on here and I hope to keep adding on whenever I have time. Have a great time looking through it!




It's new years already and this year has gone by really fast! This summer was really cool, Nationals and World was amazing. I had a lot of fun learning new tricks, competing, and just hanging out with unicyclists around the world.
School has gone by quickly also, which I'm happy about...it's not that I don't like school, it's just I'd rather be doing something else.
Right now some of my favorite things are music, reading, hanging out with my friends, and as usual-unicycling!

Christy 12.27.02


It's summer finally although it doesn't feel like it today because it is rainy and weird out. Nationals and Unicon (Internationals) are in a month and although we're all set to go, I don't feel like it. Routenes are never perfect for me. Anyway, I'm excited for summer and lots of parades.



OK, here's what's happened in the last four months, and how it was...
1/1/02-New Years-very fun
1/6/02-Birthday-even more fun yet!
2/14/02-Valentine's Day-pretty good
3/2/02-I got my mid-quarters in the mail, Why did all of my classes have to have lots of classwork and homework during the three days I was sick? I got one D (uh-oh) and one F (oh-no), all the rest were A’s (oh-yeah!).
3/3/02-stuck in house all day to finish make-up work-not so great.

Also lately I've been working on individual and pairs freestyle routines. They're hard work, but always fun.


the update

Well, what should I say? Think of something. Now think of it, squeezed, drained, purified, squeezed again and left to dry up and sit for awhile. Guess what that is? POOP!



I got my grades today...they're pretty good. My GPA is 3.55. I'd like to have that higher, but hey...it's good enoughf.



School started again...and it's actually fun! My classes are pretty neat, and my teachers are nice...but I had an awesome time last year, and I dont see how school this year could get better than last year. Oh well...I can live through it.
I am still unicycling as much as I can. That's the important part right? He! He!


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Today I visited christy.com to see if there was a site with my name, it turned out that christy.com is a site for "Christy Communications" which is a voice mail business. pretty cool eh?


First post! --marty

Hi everyone. If you're looking for the video of Dan juggling, check out his webpage, at http://www.dangrider.com. Otherwise, if you've come looking for christy's webpage, this is the place!

grid 08.31.01