P  A  T  H  S


My daily mindblurbs
	a semi-journal type thing of random sentence noise-emissions.

	A fairly defunked haven for prose, (and some poetry!) honoring 
	that all-time-favorite god of mine, techno-blather. I babble here 
	about technology and psudo-sociological crap. 

          O		     g i
          E		(  you d
          T		     the
          R		       a   =   you gut the idea  )

The Annals of Morning: a hypertext poem (in its infancy)

For Rita Raley's Engl 8710, Hypertext Fiction & Theory:
	* Transhuman/Posthuman Presentation
	* Browsers: Giving Life to the Net

A project on Web Writing Standards I never quite managed to 
complete for my work at Voices From the Gaps.

A history of Telvision presentation for my HSci 3713.

Also see the GRID for more recent projects.

W O R D -> W E B a preliminary investigation into the realm of 
	web-dependent imagistic poetry. This was one of my earliest
	image work, and subsequently, it's very large. (ie, no modems...)

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