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Fixing links and such... the GRID has moved and the blog takes over the index. Maybe someday I'll convert this page to blog entries. Maybe not. I've already converted Lit-Tech.


I moved some stuff around today, removed Thorsday from the homepage, added a projects link to the playground, among other things. First time I've done anything on here in quite a while.


Today I posted my latest chapbook, Photocopies and Staples to the oldpoems page, which I re-arranged and re-wrote some of at the same time.


Moved all my quotes into instamatic to match the mindblurbs. This page should really be the next one to get a makeover. It's not that far off, really. Just need to add the CSS, and maybe clean up these news items a bit.


Well, I found out this morning that I've been using an incredibly insecure cgi script for all the emails that get sent to me by this site... so of course the inevitable finally happened, and the scripts were abused... I've switched to the NMS replacements for Matt's FormMail script. At the same time, I dissabled some of the other cgi scripts, so if you find any that are still linked anywhere, let me know.

Otherwise, things have been quiet around here.


This site has moved. Bitstream decided they wanted to get rid of all their old free services for ex-employees, so this site (and a couple of others) were relocated to's gracious server environment.

I look forward to the day, not so far off in the future, when everyone has broadband, and we all have servers on our desktops. The Internet for the people, by the people. Until that day, look for my name on this list soon.


I've applied a flashy new stylesheet to a few pages around the site, including this one and my homepage.

They should now validate at Oh wait, I guess the GRID doesn't validate, because I'm using some impropper td background images. oh well.

I'm going to spend much of today getting the rest of the site up to par too, I think.


Haven't been to this page in awhile... The site has seen minor changes only. My bookmarks have seen the most changes, just because I run across new stuff all the time. I added a stylesheet in there that I've been thinking about implimenting site-wide.

I think ultimately, a new design is in order, but I don't know when that will happen, if it ever does.

Hosting is still at bitstream, for the time being, but if you've noticed downtime, you're not the only one. My patience with them is on a thin wire.


Several things have changed around here. Christy has her own unicycle page now, (/uni) and it's got a relatively cool blog style auto-update for her to use too. I even linked this off the main grid, so that's all exciting and stuff...

I'm right now uploading a bunch of fest photos accessable from /fest... I don't think I'm going to actually link these from anywhere, since they'll probably be too big for me to leave up for any lengthly period of time.

I also uploaded a new batch of desktop jpgs... and linked them from the playground.


switched up some links... added some pics... blah...


Have added quite a bit since this page was last updated. Just today I made some desktop backgrounds, and put them up in the livingtech playground. I updated this page to link the playground, and also the new uni directory, which I hope will someday become an actual site or something. Right now it's got christy's two unicycle routines in quicktime format, a couple galleries with stills from those, and a directory full of misc uni pictures.

Almost unrelated is the movie I made full of dan juggling, which is being served over at I think it's probably the best of the bunch, even if I did misspell talent. *grin*

That's it for now, I hope to add an actual unicycling site soon enough.


Server change... I'm on bitstream's cluster now. should be fast...

Also moved from to the www wasn't being used anyway. I added a link or two to /bw, and am going to have to revamp my blackbook, or get db access, one or the other. This isn't even live yet. :P

update: OK, it's live now... everything seems to be working except the old, which is pointing at a bitstream 404 equivalent.


Reordered stuff, moved links... changed text... blah, blah, blah...


Changed my pic on amindex. It's one of the ones Alex took of me. Turned out well, I think.


The bookmarks page is back up, and better than ever, with a little back end CGI to add stuff and manage the bookmarks. I still have to open up the file to add a new category or delete bookmarks, but maybe I'll add that functionality too, who knows?

I also made the work that I did for the B&W Babble page generic, so that it can be used in multiple pages, but this is not live anywhere yet.

Sometime between yesterday and the last time I updated this particular page, I added another book to my oldpoems/ directory. Chronic Awe. It's another one of the books that I never actually made any of. In fact, it was suppose to be a zine. But it never got out of the planning phase. I added it to the index at left just today.


I somehow managed to erase all my bookmarks. I've reverted to a version I had saved from about two months ago when I started at bitstream. Ugh.


I moved my bookmarks PHP stuff to it's own folder. Not that complicated really, but I thought it was a good idea. I'm going to write a php admin thingy so I can add URLs without going into the txt file. It shouldn't be too hard.


My B&W Babble page has some pretty cool text parsing php on it now. I still need navigation. Soon... maybe.


Got some mail from a guy who I link to off of B&WWWW today. He likes the site. He seemed cool, and mentioned wanting to make his site _more_ B&W than it already is... I decided I should make a page off the main part of the site that explains exactly how to make your site completely B&W for the burgeoning B&W designer. I also have to remember to add that new B&W flash site to my list.

If b&w design isn't cool, I don't know what is. lol


Email finally works on Anyone who reads this is instantly my friend, and thusly qualified for POP email boxes... just let me know... ;) I've also created a little online "black book" that will store my phone numbers in a mysql table, and retrieve/add/delete them for me when I want. Also discovered the magic of .htaccess files.

I am more geeky by the minute.


Finally have up and visible. (thanks chris!!!) I moved to woo-hoo!!! fixed some shit. No other big news, but soon I should have email @, and also have up soon...


Today I finished my php script for the text bookmarks. I linked that up from links & pictures, and removed most of the miscelanious links at the bottom.


Moved my site from to

I've got a great new job at Bitstream Underground doing web production. This is one of the best jobs I've ever had, by leaps and bounds.


Added a portfolio of sorts to the site. It's sort of meant to be a companion to my resume, of which, (in case I haven't mentioned it yet,) there are now several flavors available.

When I have spare minutes I'll add the aforementioned to my sitemaps, and all the new art to my art page.


Today I added all the Bryce art I've been doing lately, or rather, just the bits that I'm all a tizzy about. It's on the art page... duh. Maybe this will lead to better design on my part. I've been spending the odd night up staring at bryce. Maybe more soon. (I want to design an interface for all the old grey pages.)

For those who really care, I'm working for the needledoctor in all my copious spare time, since I don't have a real job. That not having a real job thing is getting real old, but I've had lots of time lately to catch up on all my game playing. ;)


This page really needs to be updated. I realized that this morning, that there isn't a link to hypermarks from this page, or B&WWWW. I don't have time to do it this minute, but maybe later today.


Moved the site from to broken links galore. (BTW: I no longer work at A&E.) Grid has a visual interface. How contemporary of me.

Also, juggling has it's own folder now... I'm trying to eliminate redundancies.

AND, I finally broke down and am using a white background instead of satan's grey.

UPDATE: Nevermind, I switched back to grey, but it's not as satanic.


Added the navigation form at the left... (I should maybe add a button, so it's not as annoying, but I'm lazy...) Today I learned a whole bunch of Java, some of which I'm using at my new job. (Daily A&E) I've been working there since the beginning of this quarter.


Changed the name of living poem to LivingTech. (Must register domain name.) I linked this on my hypertext index as "a journal of poetry and prose--about and involved with the social impacts of technology."

I also removed the Juggling webring code because it wasn't working one afternoon, and then got several emails notifying me that I would be kicked off the ring. Eventually I was in fact kicked off the ring. Se la vi.

Also added the site map to left.


Linked up my text links (bookmarks.html) from my links page. someday the links will look nice, or be clickable, or something.


Added my daily poetry page in the hopes that it will get me back into freewriting (even if it is only one line) every day. Randomnity for the masses! (It is linked from my hypertext index.)


I added an email form linked from the front page instead of a mailto: a tag. Took a look at some "counter" code, but I don't know how to link to a CGI script in the _middle_ of a webpage... I should figure this out soon... (SSI's.. the U doesn't support them. bleh.)


I tweaked all of my old books of poetry, and I must say they look tremendously better.

Also added the beginnings of my hypertext poem, Annals of Morning.


I have been working on HYPERMARKS all the time lately. The backend is a perl database that I have modified from a nifty tutorial I found here.

So needless to say I am a little enthusiastic about Perl in general, and have found a few other cool scripts to swipe. ;) (oh, and that includes the email form on my jinfo page.)

But the reason I am writing is that one of the scripts will let you see what I've been working on in the last week, with the most recent modifications listed at the top.


In my history of science class I had to do a ten minute presentation. The results of that fruitless struggle culminated in a webpage inspired by my 11 year old sister. She did a presentation on Philo Farnsworth, so I did too. :)

The graphic at the top is probably the best part.


Updated daily links...added "vlink=990099" for all you IE users...added a couple of people to the links page, and a couple of UofMN links too.


Now you can view (from the links page) my articles that have been in the daily. They're actually just links to the daily itself.


I added a projects page, and linked up my transcript from my links page. The projects page should be accessible from the main page... I have yet to add that link, but I will today. This means that my HYPERMARKS page, the webwritingstandards page, and the Transhuman/Posthuman presentation page are all linked up too.


Was up late last night working on my Transhuman/Posthuman Presentation. Today I changed the order of some poems on the juggling page.


Eating focaccia & getting crumbs into the keyboard, snippets of poetry in the living poem, juggling pix linked up, reordered, what has taken hours seems so very plain. Juggling poetry page...


I finally linked up the P A T H S page which now has three links off it, the old new-techno journal, word->web, and crossword puzzle poetry. (The link to paths replaced the one to the techno journal. More to come? :)


I added a picture of my family to the links page, and two pictures to my juggling page, including one of my mom. (I'll add that one to the links page too.) The links page now uses the juggling font and has a completely different feel. I also added a page devoted to the clubs as they lay.

I also did some general housekeeping (moving files around), added some links to my links page, and added an easier to use interface for the links page.

Previous to today, I scanned in all the "juggling font". I also added a picture to the "jpics" page of the three high stack that Dan, Christy and I can do.

Possible ideas for the future: turn my quotes document into a page... nothing extravagant, just quotes...


I added some links to my links page. Also added the words "and pictures" to the index page.


From now on, I'll keep a page listing changes and additions to my page, including changes to the Juggling page. This is as much for my information as anyone's.

Today I have added the spass pictures. (Pictures of Dan and I passing while he is on stilts.)

I also added the picture of christy and dan accessible on my links page.


OLD NEWS: (from before 9/15)
I have tried to list the juggling site on Yahoo, and have joined a Juggling Ring (accessible on the jlinks.html page.)

All of my old books of poetry are now up! (oldbooks.html) Including text.

I added a link to and picture of JIS to jlinks...

I tried to get JIS to list my juggling page...

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