My physical self has not changed.

My physical self has not changed. (Nor was a change observable, it was so
gradual.) However, my mind does not lie completely within the boundaries
of my body. While in transit, I must try and accept the limmitations
(imperfections and inferiorities) of my physical existence.

I am partly within this server.

How odd to admit this. Others are also within the server. Are they my
brothers and sisters? Are they aware of their cocoon? How have I become
aware? Others were aware before me, and I suppose I have stumbled upon
them. They too exist in servers.

The web is not simply a receptical of culture, or even a propetuary of
culture, the web _is_ the existing entities who collectively make up

Millions of people send out emails every minute.

Millions of people send out emails every minute. I wonder what the actual
numbers are. I may be unintentionally exaggerating. This is kind of like
the thought that at any given minute there are hundreds of people on the
planet having sex. This depresses me sometimes, and at other times is
extremely pleasing. What unification! I feel so…a part of it all.

I’m starting a project.

I’m starting a project. Computers for Creatives. (The title is still
tenative.) I’m going to do research into the random factors involved in
creativity. Spread the computing wealth, that’s what I say. Knowledge of
applications and system software is critical in the growing field of
creative computer authorship. The incentive will help fund creative
writing majors with high-tech equipment.