Amelie may very well be

Amelie may very well be the best movie I’ve ever seen. I want to see it again–soon. I was amazed by this film over and over again. The poetry was exhilarating, and the cinematography extraordinary. I don’t know what else to say.

Oh yeah, I meant to post this pic of me in my new office earlier this week, but I forgot:

things I want to get

things I want to get this weekend:

a get-well card for my grandmother, who slipped and fell, breaking a finger or other bone in her hand…

an oil change for my poor neglected car.

easter candy on sale at target.

A shaver for my scalp. (also, probably, from target)

I know there was more, but I can’t remember. Today is another boring addition to my existence in Plymouth, MN. I’m considering writing a novel while at work. I could just write a sentence or two in between every menial task I perform, and I’m sure a few weeks later I’d have hundreds of pages.

Henry’s Diary is one of

Henry’s Diary is one of the coolest things I’ve ever read. Maybe I’m getting soft in my old age.

Last night Laura and I found Ocean’s Eleven on DVD (the old one) at Target, so we bought it for Jason, then watched it. It was ok. nothing too special, but certainly not bad. Jason lied though–both Sammy Davis Jr. and Dean Martin sing in it.

I’m trying to decide if I should go to unicycling tonight, even though laura probably isn’t going to go, and I’m suppoise to hang out with Travis. (he wanted to go, but he’s not home…)

OK, now he’s home, and we’re going to go.

a week in this hell-of-an-office.

a week in this hell-of-an-office.

an email list that was formerly limmited pretty much to porn and dirty jokes has now been the main avenue for discussion of this news. None of us even have real details on this thing, but we all have opinions!

Chris–one of my favorite coworkers–has posted several cries for peace, including the full lyrics to “you are my sunshine”… Isn’t internet debate great!?!

I got an email from alex, who is in Japan. Apparently he’s taken it over. I wouldn’t schedule any vacations for there in the near future.

Tonight I’m suppose to see the original “Ocean’s Eleven” with Jason, who is thinks my preference of color movies over B&W is a crime of some sort.

that’s all the news that’s fit to blog. Or rather, all of it I’m bored enough to type…

we are sweet nothings

sealed in our boxes of humanity
taped up and mixed, melted together
you never know what you’re going to get
a live one or dead one,
happy or sad.

we can be the whispered kind too
a word on the morning breeze
a meaning left to be imagined
our lives are like this
implied on a lover’s lips.

I’ve already spent a large

I’ve already spent a large chunk of my time at work today logging my hours for the last two weeks. We’re suppose to log hours daily, but I’m far too busy to spend an extra five to ten minutes a day trying to figure out what I’ve been doing all day. I was just thinking, what if I had to do this with my weekend?

  • 12 hours playing Tetris Worlds
  • 17 hours sleeping (not including last night)
  • 3 hours having sex
  • 3 hours unicycling on friday
  • 3 hours playing Tetrisphere
  • 2 hours doing internet research on Tetris variations, and Neil Voss, who did the soundtrack for Tetrisphere and The New Tetris (both for N64)
  • 2 or 3 hours reading my new book, The Eyre Affair
  • 1 hr compiling and then packing my laundry to go to the laundrymat
  • 1 hr driving to/from laura’s place on the way to the laundrymat
  • 1/2 hr spent in line to get my oil changed at Valvoline (and leaving because it looked like another 1/2 hr would pass before I got in!

there’s at least two hours unaccounted for. I’m not sure where those went. Maybe staring off into space. Maybe eating? Probably eating.

ode to my moronity

alas! the long island
slithering snake of a drink
sweet potato I
sip and gulp guiltily
she is a camera shudder
eyes closed, lips pucker’d

ok, I skipped a day,

ok, I skipped a day, but it’s day four now. Yesterday we had lunch from this tiny hole-in-the-wall chinese place in the strip mall by my work. I have a window now, which is a big improvement over straits at the warehouse, but it overlooks the aforementioned strip mall, so it’s not terribly exciting. I’m off now to go pick up my copy of tetris worlds from funcoland. W00T.

second day in the new

second day in the new office. I don’t mind it so much right now, but I do feel a bit like an outsider. I’m trying to get over my drunken crush on a co-worker, and it’s not helping that I have to work fairly closely with her for the next couple of weeks. (I got seriously plastered last friday and found out she has either had a crush on me, or just thought I was attractive–I’m not sure which–anyway, I was hitting on her pretty badly, and I think she’s since reversed her opinion.)

I have been buying CDs like crazy this last week. I picked up a copy of Ben Fold’s latest, which I think is fabulous. But before that there were like six that I found used and should have been in my collection already.

Right now I’m listening to Etienne Daho, who is a sort of french pop star. It’s pretty good stuff.. The album is called Corps & Arms. I have another of his as well, but I’m spacing on the name. A co-worker hooked me up with these.