I want to go to

I want to go to the new sex museum in new york!! Here it is online: http://www.museumofsex.com/

Quite sexy.

I’ve started collecting sex-blog links. I don’t post enough about sex here… I tend to try and keep this at least R rated, I’m not sure why, but I suppose it’s the thought of all the coworkers and possible relatives reading this in the future. I will admit that I have another blog, absolutely anonymous where I have been posting dreams and sexual fantasy/poetry.

It’s weird stuff, some of it… so I’m not giving out the URL. I’d feel too weird, knowing many of you had read it, I think. Not here, online, where I can be bits and pixels–but in meatspace, when I see those of you I sometimes see.

I will share the links I find though, if you email me some you’ve found.

I know I’ve posted this

I know I’ve posted this link before, and probably with skepticism, but if it’s real, it’s over. And it’s really, really sad. I wonder if it would also be the first blogger death.

It’s certainly the first blog whose death has affected me.

I’ve got a song struck

I’ve got a song struck in my head, and I don’t know what it’s called, or who it’s by. I hear it all the time on radio k. It’s got this saulty female vocalist singing “It’s all right… because you said it’s all right.”

Damn I’m a sucker for a good female vocal.

crazy. I’m updating right now

crazy. I’m updating right now from the bottom of mozilla. It’s amazing, I can do things like drag links from my browser straight onto highlighted words in my blog entry. Mozilla truly is an amazing achievement. There are so many side projects and cool features to add, it boggles the mind, I think. I can even add a spell checker this way, which blogger doesn’t have unless I pay for it.

I am still super busy at work, and I shouldn’t be playing even this much… All week I’ve been brainstorming my ideal job, but I think I’ve realized it just now. If only I could get paid to blog. Or maybe work on mozilla. I don’t know which would be cooler.

UPDATE: OK, this thing needs serious work, I guess. I had some funky things happening, and formatting was all weird. It may be that I can fix the formatting issue, but there is no post and/or publish confirmation, and that’s a bit disconcerting. Plus, it adds doctype tags and head and body tags to EACH post. That seems unnecessary.

ahh, back to the routine.

ahh, back to the routine.

a website here, a websearch there…

I want to make money online, I’ve decided. I don’t know yet how I’m going to do this. I’ve had some ideas, but I never get around to implimenting them. I might start a business with my friend Jason. He wants to start a specialty sex shop. I’d put it online for him. Problem is, neither of us have enough startup cash.

btw, I’ve done a bunch

btw, I’ve done a bunch of the stuff on the list now too… even bought a new computer, which has allowed me (silly as it sounds) to pay my bills…

maybe doing some of the stuff just sets off some kind of thing inside me that makes it more imperitive to do the rest of the stuf. I don’t know.

UPDATE: if this site sucks right now, it’s because bitstream’s DNS is hosed, so livingtech.net is not resolving. *sigh*

I have felt particularly stressed

I have felt particularly stressed out since Sunday. I don’t really know why, but it just feels like stress. I have been sick, and I feel like it’s as a result. This is especially strange considering the fact that I took monday off from work (and again today… yesterday sucked), so you’d think I’d feel if not better, at least non-stressed out about stuff… but no, it seems to just get worse!

I feel like there are tons of things looming over me right now, and I don’t know why.

You remember that list? Yeah,

You remember that list? Yeah, nothing. I’ve done nothing. Last night I went and saw some awesome poetry. Today, I woke at noon, brushed my teeth, shaved my head, read some Wired, and have done absolutely nothing else. (well, surfing for awhile before making this post doesn’t count.)

I’m a pathetic slacker to the 10th degree. What’s worse is that when I first woke up I didn’t really feel like playing video games, but now that laura is bound to get home any minute, (and subsequently we’ll be out the door to try and purchase a new computer), suddenly I do.

I suppose that’s not quite the crisis I’m making it out to be.

My shameful confession: I ordered an x-box on ebay. Hey! No money to M$! But now it’s sitting at the UPS office, and I can’t pick it up till monday. Frustration ensues. Maybe I’ll go play some Mr. Mosquito.