Welcome to the Freedom2surf signup page!

“Welcome to the Freedom2surf signup page!
Sorry – Our free webservers are currently full”

oh well. I’m looking for other alternatives.

This is the first time I’ve opened up blogger in IE for pc. Very weird. How do they do this? I’m so confused… It’s not a frame, and it very much appears to be a part of my browser. How do they do it!?

um, yeah, what was I going to talk about? Hmmm. working on the weekends sucks, especially when you find out about this expectation on sunday afternoon. I’ve been depressed lately. (I don’t think this is actually related to working on sunday, but anything is possible.) I blame lack of sleep, and far too much to do after work… I have less and less “unscripted” time. Time to just do whatever…

My poetry journal has been the most neglected it has been in at least four years. I write in it sometimes once a week now, and I was doing so well there for awhile. Aproaching my once or twice a day in the summertime. I guess when it’s nice outside, I want to go sit more and write. I also blame the fact that I haven’t really read anything inspiring lately. I was very excited to get the new book of poetry by Jeff Noon, but it turned out to be pretty uninteresting. I should read more of it, but when do I have time?

My most recent musical discovery is this punk/pop band called The Strokes. I think they’re from the UK. (I really have no idea.) The first song on the album, and the title track, is “Is This It”, which is probably a question, despite the lack of punctuation. The phrase keeps rolling around in my head, both in lyric, and in word form (does anyone else end up thinking in typing strokes?) … yeah, you can’t respond yet, but you will be able to. soon… I’m desperate for that instant feedback… I’ve become addicted to reading the comments on Yami’s site, and I want the same thing for myself. Of course, I don’t have hordes of foreign exchange students who have everything in common with me, but maybe I’ll find an audience in the balding-mid-twenties-underpaid-techie crowd.

a poem off the top of my head:

sweet silvery jukebox-smile
teeth matte like the grit on a scratch-to-win
pig-tails and short skirt–
high-school-girl high

you cavort my eye
cajole my attention span into flickering your fickle direction
I’m a weak knee’d gummy worm
squishy in your palm

precicely pinned in your geometry textbook
hearts and stars around our names
I’m your disected frog, I’m your stairway physics experiment
I’m empty and old, used and discarded

whatever happened to that jittery feeling anyway? I used to get all nervous talking to girls on the phone, now I just want to hang up and talk to someone in real life, or go check my email… speaking of…

day of computer frustration 1,000,001.

day of computer frustration 1,000,001.

My mom got a cute little (impractical) Olympus digital camera from her brother. She has never wanted, nor needed, a digital camera. She needed a real camera, so I bought her one for her birthday, and she’s happy. I inherited the little tyke, and it’ll be fine for web stuff… IF I COULD GET IT TO INSTALL ON MY MACHINE!!! Note: this may not be the fault of the manufacturers, or their software… but I keep getting an error that says I need to install various other stuff on my computer, (in the midst of trying to install the drivers for the camera) and asking me to kindly insert my windows 98 SE disk. Well, the files are not found on the disk. Wonders of wonders, my camera still does not connect.


I’m trying to find a good free host with php. This is a more daunting task than I’d first imagined.

now I have to go into work and fix some crappy templates because we’ve sold all self-respect, and have a completely inexcusable deadline for a microsoft project. It’s insane how at a very much lower level than their software development people (ie, their web-outsourcing people) the attitudes at microsoft are exactly the same as the attitudes they are most known and despised for… basically that they want to push the product out the door regardless of QA and/or project readiness.

And this is progress for my stupid company. (yay, we have big clients! :P)

Tonight I experienced the halloween

Tonight I experienced the halloween season at a party by one of Laura’s co-workers. The highlight of the evening was a large pink canoe wrapped around a tallish woman with pink hair. She was ‘paddling her pink canoe’, a hereto unheard euphemism to yours truly.

Bob Dobbs in the basement, and an old neighbor of Nate’s parents throwing another party upstairs.

Laura has rolled over and is officially uninterested now. She hates my bed, and complains every time she sleeps here. I guess that’s OK, since I don’t really like sleeping at her place either. Relationships = compromise. I hate the fact that the only bathroom in her appartment is off of her bedroom… When I sleep there, there is at least a fifty-fifty chance I’ll be awakened by her roommate at the buttcrack of dawn for the morning shower.

I don’t get along well with buttcracks. Well… I shouldn’t say that. I don’t get along well with proverbial buttcracks.

I get along fine with most other buttcracks, as long as they’re not smelly or slimey. Unless the slime is sexsweat, slimey buttcracks are not for me. This rant has deteriorated into the nonsense of a just-before-sleep-post.

off to dreamtech.

what observations today? (none) yesterday

what observations today? (none)

yesterday was the day after the first day it’s snowed this season. I’ve even had a snowball thrown at me.

I keep blinking and imagining I’m riding a BMX bike on a complicated route through a crazy web of jungle-like metal struts and concrete.

I thought this would be more complicated. I have nothing to say, really, because life is both too complicated, and not complicated enough. At this moment, I have simplified things to the point where I have only four (or possibly five) programs open.. my tasks are clear, exceptionally simple, yet also complex at a if-you-didn’t-know-how-to-do-this level.

Tonight is a holloween party, and I have no costume. There is another one tomorrow after I help an old friend move. I’m getting the SWAT van from my dad (who knows why he owns it), but the thought of immitation kevlar crossed my mind… parking would be a bitch, however.

What a way to begin,

What a way to begin, with crappy crappy templates… (I don’t even want to begin to look at the code…maybe tomorrow.) This blogger thing was at Yami’s suggestion (how do I make links, just do it myself?) Ugh. Anyway, I have nothing to say, I’m too tired, and (ostensibly) sick, and it’s too early/late in the morning.

I’d prefer Vim over all this.. I think I very well may end up going back to my own server for this whole blog thing… I’m just whining. I’ll get over it. When in blogsville… do as the blogs do. I thought there’d be some nice stat feature all built in and stuff. What a crappy free service this is. heh. Actually, I’m pretty impressed. I almost want to look under the hood. I may have to sign up for some free hosting, so I can do the blog somewhere where I can look at the actual code generated. (I’m using blogspot or something, currently.)

Yeah, so… life. Life has been PS2 and two rented games for almost $12… that’s nearly a week now, and I’ve only just finished Devil May Cry. The Dave Murra’s BMX game is also kick ass, and (of the two) the one I most want to actually purchase.

I’m sick, don’t come near me.