Song titles that are girls’ names

I was particularly proud of this song queue I created this morning:

Kathleen, Josh Ritter
Evangeline, Matthew Sweet
Gracie, Ben Folds
Jolene, Cake
Allison, Pixies
Gloria, Them
Maybellene, Chuck Berry
Layla, Derek And The Dominos
Billie Jean, Michael Jackson
Peggy Sue, Buddy Holly
Lola, The Kinks
Roxanne, The Police
Alison, Elvis Costello
Jezebel, Iron & Wine
Julianne, Ben Folds Five
Kate, Ben Folds Five
Mary, Joe Purdy
Laura, Charlie Parker

I’m sure there are tons more, but these are the ones I thought of / found on our tunez server this morning.

Go Tetris! presentation

I gave a presentation tonight for the local twin cities chapter of the International Game Developers Association. I think it went well. There were somewhere between ten and twenty people in the audience, and they seemed genuinely engaged and interested.

The presentation can be found here:

After me, another guy, Darrell Hardy presented about board games and the industry in general. I guess he worked at fantasy flight for years… he seemed like a really nice guy, and had several interesting things to say.

Florence tagged along, and she even said afterward that she’d had a good time. She’s been showing more and more interest in games lately. I’ve even got her playing an x-box game (Samurai Warriors 2) with me semi-regularly (the latest in the Dynasty Warriors… er, dynasty, it’s a great one for co-op). My crowning achievement: She admitted to me tonight that she closed her eyes and saw guys running around with little red bars above their heads.