had an interesting conversation about

had an interesting conversation about time today. I realized that I was absolutely right when I was a kid, wanting to never “grow up” so that time stayed slow, the way it was suppose to be. Now it feels like so little time has passed since I started the job I’m at now, or since I was in college, or since I’ve been dating laura… all these things seem like yesterday, and when I try to recall all the multitudes of days between those events and now, I fade out somewhere around a week or two. I know things happened in between, and if they were anything like the past few weeks, too much happened, probably, but I can’t hardly remember but scattered events.

I’ll probably end up one of those old men who tells you the same stories over and over again.

I have karma police stuck in my head.

my new favorite band of the week: The Weakerthans. they’re absolutely amazing. And better lyrics by far than my last favorite band of the week, The Strokes. The strokes don’t have terrible lyrics, but they’re deffinetly not up to par with the weakerthans. I must buy their CDs posthaste.

Jolly good. Bugger me, I’m off.

Winter has arrived, like a

Winter has arrived, like a long lost friend, and snow has sprung up covering everything like green grass in spring. I felt a weird sense of nostalgia when I got out of the shower this morning and it was so cold. The white blankets and sense of urgency remind me somehow of my junior year in HS, which was probably the last time I had to really struggle to make it to class regularly so early, and so cold.

I’ve sunk to the lowest

I’ve sunk to the lowest depths! I actually used my laptop to surf for porn. It’s not that porn is the bottom of the barrel… I suppose I should look at it on the bright side.. Hmm. what’s the bright side of pr0n again? Um.

Yeah, no real post here. Nothing to see. Move along now.

Right then, cheerio.

oh! I thought for sure

oh! I thought for sure I’d already posted from the holliday. *sigh* such slack.

I’m in one of those future-reflective moods, thinking about my girl, how she’s all primed up for grad school, and I’m still wondering if I’ll ever get around to paying off the 2 grand I owe for my last semester at the university, (which somehow slipped past financial aid–those bastards). And she’ll probably want to move… something I’m not exactly ready/prepared to do. I sometimes fantasize about certain individuals having a more active role in my life… Twists of circumstance putting distance between potential romance. And then there’s the thought of a fresh start. A new job, home, city, that kind of thing. Whether I follow Laura to her city of grad school choice, or whether I stake out on my own, (I’ve been contemplating NY for longer than I’ve known her), it’s all just so mysterious and far off.

I don’t really know what I would do without minneapolis. I don’t really have that many people I consider friends I can’t live without, but at the same time there is quite the base of friends who I see infrequently, but regularly.

this is going nowhere. I don’t want to move. but it’s a feeling akin to nostalgia when you’re deep in fantasyland.

I’m constantly wondering why anyone

I’m constantly wondering why anyone would read this. I read it and it’s worse than any journal I’ve ever written before. I’m terribly dissapointed in myself. Maybe I’ll improve. Maybe I should care more. blogger is too easy.

vacation looms… thanksgiving with dad’s

vacation looms… thanksgiving with dad’s side of the family. witty banter, putting up with bratty cousins… video games… movies maybe. Christmas presents on friday.dry turkey, dry duck (? can’t remember what we eat for christmas…just as dry though.) good mashed potatos, yams, pudding…