liquid tumult in my tummy

still no sense in rolling
but I’m collecting grass
and as hard as I am, I like to keep it smooth
bald is blue, you know,

there’s a carnival inside my cranium
last night’s dream
shadows on eyelids
closed to me, close to me

ode to an after dinner mint
eaten at breakfast
an entire day’s pendulum of happiness
closed, close… to me

I’m a candy-smitten smidgen of

I’m a candy-smitten smidgen of pig latin lovin’.

Don’t ask me where that came from. I really need to automate the updating of my “mindblurbs” page.. seeing as how I never log into the system anymore, I often find myself thinking, is it worth it to log in and just add one line of text to one file that hardly anybody reads? Maybe that’ll be part of next week’s project.

Today I signed a check for my home insurance. My agent even stopped by my work to pick it up and get me to sign some papers. He’s this really nice old guy who always seems to me should be a doctor making house calls. (He’s always come to me when I have to sign something.) He also gave me a litle care package with a fire detector in it. I guess that’s part of his insurance.

There are other ways to

There are other ways to do this. Try some of them.

I am not trying nearly enough new things. Hell, I am not really trying anything new here. This is all pretty standard. My life, some of it, my reactions to various things, my experiences, some of them. Throw in the occasional poem, and there you have it, boring as fuck.

I’ve got to get off blogger, and create my own contraption. I like blogger, I love blogger, but I want more control, and I want to do things differently. Hell, I’ve been meaning to experiment with “pure” css layout for months now, and the only things I’ve done have all been for WORK. I have all next week off, but I’m going to be moving. Spending most of the time in the new house. I have no idea if I’ll get around to it, but I’d really like to tackle a blogger-like application. Or rather, a movable type type application, since I will not be allowing others to use my services. I will however, if anyone should eventually care, allow them to use my code.

I also need to take more literary license. This prose stuff is just too boring.

So last night I went

So last night I went to see MUM at the Women’s Theater. In case you’re one of the few people I haven’t already told about MUM, they’re this band I’ve only recently heard one or two songs by. I went so far as to buy a couple of their CDs (new off ebay, of all places), which I have yet to receive in the mail, and the first song I heard of theirs, (which I downloaded from a link on victory shag), I’ve had stuck in my head for about two weeks straight. I described their music today to a friend as complex minimalistic melodies from female Icelandic twin vocalists.

It was MUM’s first show in the United States, and I’m affraid they’re going to turn around and leave after what happened last night. The sound crew (which I presume was the theater’s staff) was just awful, and their first 2 or 3 songs were riddled with feedback and poor mixing. Their Moog never worked, despite various idiots swapping out cords (on stage!) for the duration of at least two songs in the middle of their set.

I felt horribly for the poor lead singers who were both visibly frustrated by the technical difficulties. At one point, one of them was actually wiping tears from under her eyes. (And yet she kept singing and playing!)

Over all, the band’s potential was clear. Their drummer was amazing, the twins played accordion and cello quite well (when we could hear the cello), and all five performers switched instruments between nearly every song. I would even go so far as to say the show was “worth it” despite all the technical problems.

I also enjoyed the fact that most of the beats and “programmed” portions of the music were done on Mac laptops–including one of those new “wide” iBooks that I secretly covet.

They have their tricks and I have mine.

I can make myself float
by staring into light bulbs,
so they use fluorescents.

When I breathe the open air
I too am open, and my mind
floats into cloud-scapes–
so they don’t use windows you can open,
and the air is forced to us,
cold, through pipes and vents.

But secretly I drink a glass of water
and even though it could taste better,
it is cool and wet in my throat
and I am on an ocean
floating on my back in a wooden raft.

I can smell the seagulls who land at my feet
and my hair is floating in a pool around me.
The boat lurches softly as the keel
scrapes onto a sandy beach.

Hindenbursting v0.1b

Here’s something I just wrote that I’m calling Hindenbursting:


We are zeppelin.
Exploding clouds painted helium
red and yellow spark-colors at sunset.
I’m hanging from parachute clouds
by handrails of hail
and slippery rope-like raindrops.

I’ve taken a bottle of the explosion with me
to the park by our apartment, cloudbursting.
Grass is tickling the back of my neck. Dirty imperfect patches of grass
evolving slowly to mud, and for the moment
insects are too stunned or wet to move. I try not to squint
at the wet aerial assault and enjoy the perspective
of each individual shooting star of water, ultimately failing.

Tails of each drop point to the earth, simultaneously
pointing at me; making me the center of the universe.
Each spatter on my cheek is suggesting something–
a universal equation of which I am an integral part
or perhaps a span of time the length of my life
which could not exist were I not present to experience it.

We are too small or I am too big.
Dirty oily cloth and metal bones are screaming,
The air is hot despite the rain.

I think it’s interesting that there is really no emotional turmoil whatsoever in my life right now, and yet, the moment I sit down to write a poem, I fictionally create some.

Did you know the pledge

Did you know the pledge of allegiance didn’t use to contain the phrase “under god” in it? Recently, the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled this phrase unconstitutional.

A man in Sacramento named Mike Newdow is responsible for this ruling, and is also suing the USA for several other things related to separation of church and state.

All I’ve got to say about this stuff: It’s about fucking time.

Another of this guy’s suits has to do with prayers at the Presidential Inauguration ceremony.

Searching for this guy brought up the site, or Americans United for the Separation of Church and State. That’s where I found out about the court ruling. I’ve got a lot more reading to do…

What’s it mean when you

What’s it mean when you wake up nauseous in the morning? I’m not pregnant, so that’s not it. I think I’m not getting enough sleep. I guess that’s probably because saturday night was spent playing warcraft3 until the light was seeping in the windows.

Uplate: Last night I just couldn’t sleep (big suprise there, I didn’t wake up till 2:00pm on sunday), so I spent it reading the new wired, cover to cover. They’ve changed some things around in there, and I’m not convinced yet that it’s for the best.

I have the capacity to

I have the capacity to do nothing but whine and complain. Where did this come from? Laura said the other day she think she’s rubbing off on me, and that’s what it is. Earlier this week I just thought I was depressed… I have another theory: MY JOB IS SUCKING MY WILL TO LIVE.

But then again, maybe I’m just being a drama queen.

Update: On a related note, along with this general life-dissatisfaction, I have also lost all interest in science, arts, and politics. In general, anything not directly and immediately effecting my being. For instance, when I get a new magazine in the mail, I try and spend at least an hour pouring over it, when I get the chance. This week, I have a new wired in my backpack, and it’s sat there, unread, for several days now.

Update to my update: I never had any interest in politics. To have suggested I did was a lie.

boy, my archives were all

boy, my archives were all f’d up when I looked today… I’d just like to take this moment to complain some more about blogger.

In other news, I’ve got this mum song stuck in my head, so I’m ordering the album from ebay. (Thanks a lot victory shag.) I also found out they’re going to be here next wed, so I’m going to try and catch that.

Now I’ve got a parade to get to.