There is no spoon. :(

I’ve never before understood how powerful and devastating it can be to lose a truly beloved pet.

On Tuesday night of this week, Florence and I arrived home, and as we walked in the door, we watched our cat Spoon start convulsing and die, right before our eyes. It happened extremely suddenly, and I cannot really express the sadness and helplessness that we both felt watching his last agonizing breaths wheeze out of him.

This post is one I’ve been composing in my head and meaning to write since that night, but (so far) this is only a fraction of what I meant to say. So maybe this is more of a placeholder. One thing I really want to do this weekend is post all my best pictures of Spoon to flickr, in a special commemorative set.

Rest in peace Spoon, you were loved. And you will be missed.

heroes season finale

heroes season finale: Pacing much improved. Big stuff happened. Big stuff good? Not sure. Want to watch more? Yes. Have to wait. Waiting …

Portal Preaching

OK, I know I’m late to the game on this one, but I just finished playing through Portal (rented the Orange Box for my 360 this weekend), and… damn. So fun! Everyone and their mother has already ranted about how great this game is, and I have mostly been trying not to pay attention, so I never heard anything about how great the song in the end credits was. I also seemed to miss any mention of how funny the game is. The end boss fight was especially hysterical, and I totally didn’t expect a boss fight at the end of the puzzle game, but it really worked! There were several points at which Florence, who was mostly sitting next to me but not paying attention, giggled right along with me at the robot’s hysterical quips.

literary social networking roundup

My friend Sara just got me to sign up for GoodReads, a social networking site where you keep track of your books… a lot like LibraryThing, but a little more review-focused (from what I’ve seen so far). I was able to import my booklist from an exported CSV from librarything. Now I just wish the sites talked to each other so I didn’t have to manage both lists. (Because I’m guessing I won’t do a good job of either.) I do sort of think that, on first impression, it’s a little more fun to surf around GoodReads, mostly because of all the reviews. Next to each book listing (review) are links to rate the book, so I’m finding it as gratifying as when I used to surf around netflix to rate movies.

Just for fun, here are the links to my profiles (add me!): GoodReads, LibraryThing