blogistry visitation rights

I went to the Pride Festival today in Loring Park with Fisch, and ran into Jason and a friend of his on our way there. So the four of us wandered around, and at one point we were at some booth for GLBT journalists (I should really remember the name of the org), and Jason mentioned that he writes for the Mpls Metroblog. So the guy behind the desk says, oh, are you Jason then? It was like he knew exactly who all the metrobloggers were.

Turns out he writes snarkmarket. Anyway, after that, jason joked that he should have worn his “local celebrity” tee shirt or something.

The point is that I feel like a real slacker for not updating here more frequently. Although really I feel like a slacker for not following up on any of the fifty billion blog/internet ideas I have seemingly daily. I have a new one that I’m hoping to get someone else involved in. I think if there are two of us motivated, I’ll be more likely to hold up my end, and not let the entire thing die a horrible death before it ever begins.

On a sort of related note, the other day I realized that gets like 300-500 hits per day. And it’s an MT blog that’s just sitting on its own domain DOING NOTHING. There are literally two entries, and they’re from early 2004. I wonder if that’s more hits than this site gets… last time I actually looked at usage stats was back in 2004, and it would have been at that time.

Anyway, it feels like everyone has some cool internet side-project they’re working on, and I have nothing.

Interesting link of the day: Kiva, which allows you to offer loans to individuals (businesses?) in the third world. (I hope that’s accurate.) Anyway, it seems like a good thing, and I can’t wait to show it to Florence. (Via Snarkmarket.)

Incidentally, she’s in Japan already, where I’ll be joining her this coming wednesday.