found blogistry

I stubmpled into/found this old page of entry-like web writings today. Clearly these were written before I knew what a blog was… I’ve linked it on the right as “before blog” and again on my archives page at the bottom of the list. It’s funny how I struggled with whether I should use blogger to update my blog back when I first started blogging, but I had already been keeping a blog without it for over three years! (Sproadically, of course.)

Of course, for a while I’ve wanted to get away from using movable type, but I still haven’t found software I like any better.

I made some changes to my homepage today too. Updated the copyright from 2004 to 2006, for one thing, and removed the link to Thorsday, the blog that Laura and I kept about the cats. I’ve been missing them lately, and am seriously considering getting a cat or two when Christy and my mom move away at the end of the summer. (Although Christy is so allergic that she STILL can’t spend all that long in our house, and we haven’t had cats since September… but maybe we just need to clean.)

I’m currently sitting in a coffee shop. Ostensibly I’m here to write, but it’s not really happened yet. I was going to go spend some time working on my 2004 nano project, but now I think I’d rather start a different short story or something. Or maybe I’ll just write some poetry like I usually do.