successful game party

My friend Derik and I had a board game party yesterday, and I completely forgot to take any pictures for the moblog.

We played two of the three new games I bought for the occassion on Friday, Gloom, and Zertz. (Cosmic encounter will be played later this week, if I have anything to say about it!) Gloom is another card game with transparent cards. (I bought Cranium Zigity from target only a few weeks ago and it’s ok, nothing terribly special.) Gloom is a little spendy, but the cards are AWESOME, and quite funny. We only played one game, so I’ll have to wait and see how it holds up to multiple playings.

Zertz is one of those GIPF project games, and I’ve decided that I really liked it, (after, again, only one playing.) I have to find someone to play it with me regularly, as there are obviously lots of intricate strategies.

I have to go now… I’m going to go learn to snowboard.

my blog is boring.

I have it on good authority that I have been “boring” lately. I realize this is fairly self evident.

I appologize.

That having been said, I never agreed to entertain you. ;)

I demand oral pleasure in equal amounts of that pleasure you have derived from me in the course of the reading of this blog! This pleasure should commense immediately!!! (Note: relatives and unattractive people are excluded from this demand, and are neither required nor expected nor allowed to comply with the above demand.)

I have no shame.

Tomorrow nate is going to teach me to snowboard.

the entry I intended to write

I had intended to write an entry about how I got accepted into the fringe festival. I’m producing (and directing?) a show called Unicycle Theater, or maybe Unicycle Showcase. The show was originally conceived as a venue for some of the local world-champion unicyclists to showcase their nationals and international routines at the fringe. That, and I think fringe audiences would love a show with unicycling routines. They involve coreography and skills and as far as I know, nobody really even knows they exist. I mean, nobody outside the uniccycling community.

Anyway, I’d intended to link to the fringe festival website, but it appears to be down. I’d intended to check that website for the press release that supposedly was going to mention the unicycle show. (The emphasis oin the release was on diversity, I guess.)

Then I got all caught up in reading other people’s blogs, and had some other thing I was going to write instead. But when I got writing, what came out whas pretty much what I’d intended to write in the first place. Despite my intentions.

board game geek

I’ve recently discovered board game geek, and while there are aspects of it that I wish were different (I think you have to be logged in to do most stuff, for instance to view my profile, which is the main reason I’m writing this post) overall, it’s a great site with lots of compelling information about board games.

Here’s a link to my “collection”, which is one of the cooler aspects of the site. I have yet to really compulsively add all my games to it, but the ones I’ve played most recently are all on there. Again, unfortunately, I think you have to log in to see it.

new year cheer

Happy new year’s folks!

I have been neglecting this thing, I’ll admit. Laura’s post this evening (yesterday now) convinced me that I should share my new year’s resolution with everyone. Wait for it… I’m going to finish my novel!

Yes, I know, I said I was going to do that last November. It’s hard to believe that December is already gone, and not only that, but in the whole month I wrote a total of less than what I had to write in one day for November. I haven’t done any writing to speak of recently, but since new year’s I’ve thought about it a lot, and I have some new ideas to bring to the last chapter(s) that I’m hoping will make things worth the wait. I had a small eureka moment after staying up too late last night reading one of the few Rucker novels that I haven’t yet finished, Spacetime Donuts.

So once I’ve finished the novel, I’d like to edit it sometime this year too. But I’ll waive that lofty goal if I’m instead in the middle of another novel.

Nate’s entry about the balloon fencing tournament that he and I took part in last sunday is already the third result on google for balloon fencing. If you misspell balloon (baloon) the photo Nate took and I sent to my moblog comes up.

Anyway, I took sixth place in the tournament! I’ve maybe balloon fenced out at fest a total of two or three times before this. There were less than 20 participants total, so I’m not sure how good that really makes me, but I did beat Fisch during the tournament, which probably made him regret he’d ever brought me. I wonder if anyone has ever used more than the two balloons attached to the face masks? I think it would be cool to make a sort of balloon suit (maybe out of those long balloons you use to make balloon animals and stuff). Then you’d know wherever you hit your opponent. As nate mentioned, my forearm is pretty bruised after the tournament. He neglected to mention that it was my bout with him that landed me the only wound I actually felt later that day on the knuckle of my right thumb. Fisch already has a couple of fencing masks, and I’m going to see to it that he (or I) end up buying a couple of foils in the coming months so we can practice outside of tournaments.

As happened last year around this time, I have gotten really into board games the last few weeks. Fisch and I had been playing go on an almost daily basis, and at least once a week for the last few weeks I’ve had people over to play new games. Fisch is in Texas for the week, and I’ve been missing the Go playing, but tonight my friend Derik and I went over to DrBombay’s place and played Puerto Rico for the first time. It was a pretty cool game, and I’m looking forward to playing it again sometime when I know more what to expect. (more players might be fun too.)

I set up my board game geek profile tonight and started adding games to my collection. (username: grid) I’ve also decided I want all the games on this list at