sci-fi sideswipe

I’ve suddenly gotten all excited about books again. I’m on some kind of weird book/game/movie oscillation pattern. This may or may not have been sparked by my finishing the last graphic novel in the sandman series late last week. I put it down, sighed one of those soul-shattering life-altering sighs, and went straight into book-hunting mode looking for the next thing that would fill that aching, gaping void in my consciousness where and unfinished novel need reside.

Then, of course, I skipped over all the novels sitting on my shelf, waiting to be read.

Instead I decided I really want the new Iain M. Banks novel, The Algebraist. But it’s only been released in the UK, so I was going to order it from But then I thought maybe someone locally would have already done the importing for me, and I could buy it from them faster and maybe even cheaper. But if any of them had copies, all the local stores have since sold out. (It was released several months ago, but I just didn’t know it until recently.)

Of course I discovered it isn’t around locally after I jumped the gun and ordered Richard K. Morgan’s new (UK released only) book Woken Furies, which is a sequel to Altered Carbon and Broken Angels, both of which I enjoyed immensely.

Now I have far too many books lined up to start reading, and my amazon order hasn’t even shipped yet.

Tattle Tale

Bonfire Madigan (a band containing at least one former member of Tattle Tale,) has a CD out that I hadn’t before seen. It’s a retrospective kind of thing, called i bleed: a decade of song.

It contains the song Glass Vase, Cello Case.

I had heretofore been giving away that mp3 because I’d assumed the song was only available on Tattle Tale’s out-of-print album Sew True. Now that the song is back in print (and making the artists money), I can’t in good conscience give away the song anymore.

Philosophically, I think the artists should probably offer that particular song (one that is incredibly sought after because of its inclusion in the movie But I’m a Cheerleader) for download. This would obviously increase their fanbase, and I have little doubt that many listeners would then want to purchase more music by the artist. (Of course, the artist doesn’t technically exist anymore, so maybe that was part of the decision to release a new CD with the song on it instead.)

Anyway, you can order the CD from their website. I plan on doing so myself as soon as I get a spare minute.