mirthless (worthless) gaming

I got together with friends and played board games a record-breaking three times this weekend. All three with a slightly different group of friends, although there were a few overlapping people at each event, I don’t think anyone else (aside from me) was at all three. All three events were fun, and I got a much needed injection of board gaming into my otherwise game-less life as of late. But I hadn’t planned on spending that much of my three-day weekend on board games.

My good friend Beth was in town, and she prompted yesterday’s game event, or I probably would have stopped after game night number two. Mostly because of the event I’m about to relate in this post. I basically want to talk about an incident that happened at that second game night. Read on for the details.

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LazyWeb wish: XML based auto ERD (in flash?)

I’d like to create my xml document, with generic items, and create some magical relationship attributes (or tree descendants), that specify where the relationships go. Seems like there should be stuff like this out there already… bonus points if it’s in flash and looks pretty. Even more bonus points if I can also specify an item’s date attribute and display the whole thing sorted by it.

Here’s the type of xml I’m currently imagining:

<item name="item 1" date="20070521">
    <relationship id="abc" />
<item name="item 2" date="20060211">
    <relationship id="abc" />
    <relationship id="123" />
<item name="item 3" date="19850101">
    <relationship id="123" />

Go Tetris! on usgo.org

Go Tetris! was featured on usgo.org last friday, and now it’s getting a bunch more hits than it was before. The numbers are not astronomical or anything (approximately 300 that first day, and a little under a hundred per day since then), but it feels good to know there is some interest.

I sort of wish this had happened a week from now, or that I’d known it was going to happen, because I would have made more of an effort to start saving highscores and userdata. (Hopefully, I should be able to upload a new version tonight with that capability.)


Basically just a “what I’m doing this weekend” update: here it is Mondo.

I saw nate’s new production of Closer last night, and was not unimpressed! There was a lot of video used, (between almost every scene), and that added to the experience. I think all the actees (how do you say both actresses and actors?) did a great job, and with british accents even! Anyway, everyone should go see it. Support local theater!

I finally got around to putting in a domain forward for Nate’s blog, so his domains should point to his blogspot blog now. I feel bad, because almost everyone I was hosting blogs for back in the day is now blogging elsewhere, but in a way that’s good… I mean, they liked it enough to continue doing it on their own! (Right?) I’m a slacker hosting provider. heh.

Work is coming along on Go Tetris! 1.0… I’m almost done with the two-eyes feature, and I think that’s where I’m going to set the mark. After that, and the high-score list feature, and I’ll be ready to promote it in earnest. I’m excited to feel feature complete… because I’ve been thinking a lot again about the actual Chesstris game, and I can’t wait to get started on it again.

No other interesting news. I’ve been sickly this week, and am at home working today (as I was yesterday).