last day of nanowrimo – entry 11

I got home from the blue moon around 11:10, with 200 words left to write. I checked my wordcount and validated on the nanowrimo website around 11:36. Even though I told myself I’d keep writing, I’ve been reading the forums ever since.

Nate is trying to get me to come downstairs and drink some chamapign. (But I think I’d rather have a glass of the wine that Laura’s been drinking all night.)

last day of nanowrimo – entry 10

I am at the Blue Moon, surrounded by other writers who have already finished their 50,000 words. We all introduce each other by screen names. It is as if the wheat have been sepparated from the chaff. (No offense to any chaff that happen to be reading this.)

Everyone was very encouraging when I told them I only had a little more than a thousand words left, as if there might be some question.

I’d better get to it.

last day of nanowrimo – entry 8

I just couldn’t NOT post this. Another attractive woman is sitting across from me. She’s much older, but not nearly as ‘suburban looking’ as the last one. She’s ballancing her checkbook, but still holding her coat and backpack like she’s going to bolt for another table as soon as one opens up.

I have written a little over a hundred words in ten minutes. Ramping up for the conclusion, but it’s still a way off. I may combine the idea I had earlier (to overhaul my outline) with the current outline, and create some kind of hybrid ending. If I don’t finish this thing tonight, I’m going to write every day until it’s done, and this time I mean it, damnit. In fact, I have to finish by Thursday, because a guy is compiling a cd with a bunch of nano novels on it, and handing them out at the thank god its over party on saturday. (His deadline for getting them to him is thursday, and I told myself I’d at least spell-check before then.)

last day of nanowrimo – entry 6

Fuck! I haven’t hardly written anything at all since I last posted.

My friend tom showed up just now and we spent an hour or so talking and catching up. I’ve seen him here (at the spyhouse) a couple of times this last month. I was suppose to call him whenever I come here, (because he lives right next door) but I told him I haven’t because he is too distracting. He lamented the irony that when Nanowrimo is over I won’t have any reason not to call him, but I also probably won’t come to the spyhouse nearly as often.

We talked quite a bit about his Master’s thesis (in theater) that has to do with gender issues and juggling.

Firefox just crashed on me as I was writing this entry. This is the second time today. I may switch back to mozilla, even though it has a tendancy to crash on me too. I wonder what the problem is, and wish they would fix it. (My suspicion is that it’s related to the tabbrowser extention, which I don’t use on my laptop really anyway. I am uninstalling it now.)

A relatively attractive girl just sat down at the table with me, and I realized that the spyhouse has gotten crowded. I should probably leave soon, but I’m going to try and write another few hundred words before I do.

last day of nanowrimo – entry 5

Had to plug my laptop in just now and banged my forhead on a hanging lamp while doing so. I switched tables after my last entry, and am now situated in the corner at a table that is round and tiny. From this new vantage, I had a good view of the blonde and her boyfriend again. He has huge bicepts. (How do you spell bicep? Google has been no help.) But he left a good twenty minutes ago, and she is in the process of leaving now.

I have 1500 words left. I’m increasingly skeptical that I can finish my plot in 1500 words. I haven’t really started my conclusion or climax, and as I approach them, I keep second-guessing my outline. I almost deviated from it entirely, but decided almost impulsively to return to it instead. But while I was uncertain, I probaby stared at the same sentence for five minutes deliberating.

I just talked to my friend Fish, and he said I should just stop in mid-sentence when I get to 50,000. He thought the perfect ending would be “…and then he — THE END.”

PS, the word of the day is ‘increasingly’.

soda pop wisdom

smoky water,
casts a translucent table shadow
ice cubes look like x-rays
round miniature jellyfish
let go of the sides of the glass
rising desperate and fast
to a surface quick, cold
glass with ice, bubbles

last day of nanowrimo – entry 4

Another quick and dirty three hundred words. Then bought an italian soda and wrote a poem about it that I’ll post when I’m done with this entry.

The blonde with the iBook (and her boyfriend!) moved to the couch just behind me and have been talking incessantly with someone who they were incredibly surprised to see here (apparently). They’ve been talking about an art show, but in a very valley-girl mode that makes me want to strangle someone.

There are far too many distracting and attractive people here. Unfortunately, that doesn’t include the guy who keeps stealing glancees at me who took the place of the iBook girl.

I’m starting to feel bad that I have the “big table” but nobody is sitting with me. I thought when I sat down that I might be joined by the aforementioned fellow writers, but now that they’ve been declared noshows, I should probably move to a smaller space.

last day of nanowrimo – entry 3

Another few hundred words and a little over an hour later and I’ve hit a block of some kind. I just took a break to check my livingtech email. Might have plans for friday night even though I don’t really like playing poker, (and I think that’s what’s happening).

The crowd hasn’t changed much in the spyhouse.

I have called Viejes and she’s not coming to write with me this afternoon. mistoffo hasn’t called me back, (but I know he’s probably busy). Everyone is is probably working.

Only 2200 to go, but I’m having seriuos doubts that I’ll tie up the novel in that short amount of words. I really want to finish the novel today, but I somehow doubt I’ll be able to do it. I shouldn’t be so negative. Anything is possible.