holiday cheer

Well, last night was Clockwork’s holiday party. Laura and I had a blast. (Clockwork is the supplier of my bling, btw.) You just can’t go wrong with free wine and beer… especially when it’s good wine. I saw coolass (one-word!) and irish-girl, and jeremy (moonpost?)… returning irish girl’s copy of the first three A Series of Unfortunate Events books to her at the end of the night. (It’s fun to refer to people by their domain names. Coolass will be disappointed I didn’t add the anchors in there, but I’m feeling lazy.)

When I got home, Nate really wanted to exchange presents (so I’d play mine and he could see it, I’m sure). Of course he had to twist my arm but I eventually caved in. Laura almost gave away that I’d hidden the new Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 in the box of a really old game, Ski Resort Tycoon. She was cute and tipsy.

Nate got me the new Ratchet and Clank game… it’s more of the same, but man is the same good. That makes at least two (maybe three if you count Katamari Damacy) playstation games that I’m totally addicted to. I think it’s funny that the PS2 has been out longer than the other two systems and it’s still the system whose games I want the most.

practice makes… pain.

On Monday night I went to juggling practice for the first time since before November, and then last night I went to one of the also neglected unicycling practices. My thighs are extremely sore. I guess the novel left me out of shape. (Still not done, btw.)

Last night at practice I was wearing a bitstream t-shirt, and ended up having a chat with my friend Joe about how cool it was to work there. I know I mentioned how we had a refrigerator full of beer and alcohol. So anyway, today out of nowhere, one of my co-workers goes and buys a bunch of alcohol for our little mini-fridge. I had a Mike’s hard lemon-aid at lunch, and am resisting the urge to drink another.

stupid code

Dr. Bombay made me take this insipid Blogger Code survey thing.

my blogger code:
B9 d++ t+ k++ s- u++ f- i o++ x++ e-+ l- c-

The e-+ was because I’ve only posted one picture of myself on my blog, but it was of some nude part of me.

Frankly, I can’t believe I’m posting this.

Also, I hadn’t googled myself in a while, and I’m like the first six results, and they’re not all my website, which is rather interesting.

So my novel isn’t completely done yet. But it’s getting close. I need to spend like a whole afternoon on it rather than a half hour or hour just before I go to bed every night.