blogs are truly fascinating. I

blogs are truly fascinating.

I was at first disappointed to find out that Keep Trying (a blog I’ve been meaning to, but haven’t visited in awhile) was no longer posting meta-comments about blogging. Then I read a bit of it, and–DAMN–it’s all about the situation in Jerusalem and world politics. It’s hard for me to remember that there are really horrifying things happening in the world around us. The worst part of my day is the agony of realizing my productivity level is at an all time low. I can’t work, I can’t seem to think. My brain is a puddle of disorganized thoughts melting into one another–sometimes something relevant will surface, but it’s completely by accident.

And then this slap in the face. We’re not all born with the freedom to post about our shitty jobs on the Internet.

poem [elephants never forget…]


elephants never forget–it has something
to do with their ears, or trunks, or something–
and I suppose, I wish
I had some of the same grey stuff
reminding me of all the things I’ve already forgotten
before I forget them–
or write them into a poem.

can elephants even write poems?

the eloquent elephant
(on the pleasant pheasant’s day off)
jumped over the quick brown fox.

outside, a storm cloud brims
with memories of its own.
soon a cerebral dam will break
and the sky will forget
into the lightening rods of local churches,
tops of banks
and skyscrapers.

there are so many things slinging electrons around–
who is to say the sky doesn’t rain down thoughts
too dense and wet to understand?

OK, so I was listening

OK, so I was listening to Yami’s playlist from home yesterday, and fell in love with this song, “adding up numbers”, which is (I found out this morning) by Kompressor, this weird muppets-meets-industrial band.

So… at the bottom of their homepage, there’s a link to this article they were mentioned in from Spin magazine… I highly recommend reading it, it’s got a bunch of links, and is pretty awesome.

From there… I got to, which is this weird songwriting competition site. Some really good stuff on there. If I were a songwriter, I can’t imagine a better way to hone my skills. So now I’ve been listening to old songfight songs. Good stuff.

I broke down over the

I broke down over the weekend, and bought a gamecube. Dropped $400 I don’t have on three (additional) controllers, a (required but not included) memory card, three games, and the system itself.

Super Smash Bros is AWESOME.

now I’m working at home because the network is screwed up at work, and DAMN if I don’t just want to be playing it.

Today I’m starting on yet

Today I’m starting on yet another project for Microsoft. I feel a bit like the son of Satan. I wish I could at least get x-box games for cheap. I have a friend whose brother apparently works for a company making ports of microsoft games, and he gets x-box games for $10. I might actually buy one if I had the hookup like that.

I have been very tempted by the modded panasonic gamecube that can be found at They have all kinds of awesome products, actually. $500 is a bit pricey, but it’d be worth it if I were collecting DVDs or something.

Today I’ve got swat-team brain

Today I’ve got swat-team brain stem-cells.

Read a bit of the new Discover mag today. Did you know they think turtles may not age at all… ever? They die of accidents, viruses, and predators, but seemingly do not age. This explains why we still have teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles, as opposed to disgruntled 20-something-ninja-turtles working salaried day jobs and hating every minute of it.

I think it may be time for me to take a vacation. I need to talk with SOMEONE who knows how much vacation time I have, and when I get more… It used to be contingent on my anniversary with the company, which is actually coming up fairly soon here, and I’ve got a week to burn. On the other hand, maybe it’s not anymore, and I’ve got to figure that out.