immortal smell of mouse

One mouse to eat the poison. One mouse to die then. One mouse to smell behind the wall… and in the kitchen gag them.

Nate bought the new Fellowship of the Ring DVD, so I’m all in dramatic fantasy mode… I’ve also had a few too many cups of Bailey’s, and now that I think of it, this may be my first snuckered blog post…

Last time the mouse was dead behind the refrigerator. Nate and I have already moved said refrigerator, and not found the damn thing. It smells. Hopefully we’ll find the carcas before the party next week, otherwise, we’ll be investing in some kind of incense… I just hope it’s strong enough.

chamber of cubeland

Last night was the new Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets movie, midnight at the MOA. I thought it was good, but it seemed to aim at a bit younger audience than the previous one. There were a bunch of girls actually dressed up in Hogwarts robes, which I thought was awesome, but otherwise, less festivity than the midnight showing of the first one. I didn’t see any reporters until after the movie was out.

On the way home, we talked about how slow the characters talked in some scenes, which is contrary to this article about how sitcoms are increasing word-per-minute rates because it’s thought to appeal to a younger audience. (Link courtesy of Seth, who was in the car for the discussion.)

In cubeland news, someone higher up has decided that because there are clients visiting next week, our cubes should be mixed and matched, shuffled like a deck of cards, and somehow (inextricably) cleaned at the same time. No big deal, I guess, but I have work to do, and packing things up, moving 20 feet and unpacking again is going to cut into that valuable billable time. Damn the fates and their lack of administrative prowess! Why couldn’t we do this last week, when I was able to read blogs 90 percent of the time?

for shame

There are blogs and then there are blogs. Neal Pollack comes to mind, but he is not the only one. Not the only REAL writer infiltrating this wasp’s nest of pathetically ill-equipped amateurs pretending to be literary somebodies.

Actually, what really comes to mind when I read this great stuff, is all the other great stuff that has suddenly disappeared. How much blogging is actually already lost? Sure, some of it is garbage, some of it we could do without, really, but how much GOOD, clean, courageous writing is pixel-dust, swept under the rug and gone, lost to unpaid hosting fees, or neglect, or disinterest? (I had to delete black robot from my blogs link because it’s been gone for some time now… I can’t remember what it was like, or why I liked it, but I must have at least once thought it was good, or funny, or something.)

I got my copy of Jeff Noon’s newly released book yesterday. I’m on page 24, even though I actually stayed up to read (the book that is Nate’s Christmas present) until 2 AM instead. I’m almost done with that (book that is Nate’s Christmas present), so I’ll probably start Noon’s book in earnest tonight, or tomorrow at the latest. I have so much to read, and so little time.

In other news: I’m having a housewarming party.

I know, I moved into my house months ago. It’s true. We are slackers extraordinaire. If you read this, and were not invited for some strange reason, send me an email, and I’ll add you to the evite. I love evite, BTW.

Now I must grease the cogs, and begin to turn the crank.

from a trebuchet

I get indignant when I can’t do 60
right away on the freeway–
like it’s my inalienable right
to do five above the limit.

The sky here in late fall, says Laura
“is like it is in Kansas all winter.”
It’s grey, featureless.

My friend I haven’t seen in a year at least,
at a party: “I’m writing for a living now,
about the environment.
How about you?”

“That’s great.” I reply.

I get indignant when I’m going too fast
life like a giant ball of rock
hurling toward the castle wall.

This is not where I wanted to drive this morning,
through the grey of a Kansas winter,
doing 50 on the freeway.

sigur ros kicked my ass

Tonight I saw one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen. I got chills about 30 seconds into the first song, and it just kept building, crescendo after crescendo. Sigur Ros was amazing.

Laura and I got to the theater about when I thought the show was going to start (6:30), hoping they still had tickets left. We could hear the sound check through the door. The doors opened at 7:30. We purchased our tickets and walked through the skyways to find a mediocre dinner in City Center.

When we returned, turns out we had slightly better seats than the friend who got free tix from radio k, and considerably better tix than the friend who had purchased tickets as soon as he heard they were coming (months ago). I felt kinda bad about that, but the place did fill up just before Sigur Ros took the stage, so I’ll bet laura and I got some cancelations or something.

I found myself thinking at one point that Sigur Ros has a lot in common with Pink Floyd. I’d never made that connection before, but I think there’s something simmilar about them, a feel, a slowness, intensity, I don’t know yet. Maybe if it comes to me I’ll let you know.

I took some pictures, (actually, more after and before the show than durring), and I was thinking about uploading one or two, but it’s so much work to get them all ready to post and stuff. I really need a new digital camera before a photo blog becomes at all practical.

the finer things

Silk, our favorite brand of soy milk, now comes in a Chai flavor. Every bit as tasty as getting a chai down at the local coffee shop, for some reason going to the frigerator and pouring myself a glass from the carton is imensely satisfying. I had another one of those “I own a house.” moments just now as I got done playing my video game, poured myself a glass, and prepared for bed.

Damn it feels good to be me.

…now if only I didn’t have to go to work tomorrow.

must … blog … everything …

Since I’ve transitioned to movable type, I keep thinking about moving all of my various other web-based journals into its marvelous safekeeping. My mindblurbs are the most ready example, but I have a few other pages here and there that I try and update on occasion, and movable type would just make it that much easier to do so.

But it doesn’t stop there! Oh no. I’ve had the strange compulsion to put all kinds of other journals into movable type too. Most notably, two journals that were never meant for public consumption, my jurnal journal (the one I’ve been keeping since I had access to a mac in the lab at the arts high school, in 1993), and my “books I’ve read” file. The books I’ve read has a new entry today, as I’ve just finished The Sex Sphere, by Rudy Rucker. But the whole point of that file was that I kept forgetting the plots of books I’d already read — so I started writing them down to remind me what the hell these books were all about the next time I forgot. (It works pretty well too, if I see a title of a book I think I might have read, I just do a search in the file, and if it’s there, I’ve read it sometime since 9-18-95.)

Point is, the file is full of spoilers. I don’t want people who haven’t read the book to read that shit. I mean, I usually write some kind of mini-review at the same time, so I know if the book was worth my time or not, but in general, this stuff isn’t blog material.

So why do I want to blog it? One reason is that I really want to have more than one category archive page. (Right now it’s just my poetry link on the right.) Maybe tomorrow I’ll start a book review category and post one for The Sex Sphere. Tonight I have one last holloween party to get toÂ…