weekend eyeblink

well, getting back into the swing of things. The blog of things. Would you like to swing on a blog… (Hmmm. That almost sounds like a fun name for that polyamory blog irish-girl wanted me to start.)

The weekend started and stopped… lots of events. Friday night I went to see my friend Dave’s performance art piece entitled Paper Mover, which both Laura and I agreed was quite excellent. I don’t remember if I linked to the show before… I really should have helped him promote it. I did email some people I thought might be interested…

Anyway, we got out of that and had multiple messages from a friend whose girlfriend may have dumped him. (He was drunk, and forthcoming details have been pretty sketchy, so we’re not quite sure what all happened.) He and I played Soul Caliber 2 into the wee hours…

The next morning we did a TCUC parade, then went to this Wheels of Italy thing that a guy at work co-produced. It was way better than I’d expected… although I’m not quite sure what I did expect, having never been to a car show before. I guess I thought it might be like the tractor shows my grandpa used to take me to when I was a kid… except that (this still holds true today) all tractors look pretty much the same to me, and that was definitely not true of these Italian sports cars. I got to see both a Lamborghini Countach, and two Ferrari Testarosas. I’d never seen either before in my life, and I have to admit they’re pretty f’n cool.

After WOI, I took off for a LAN party at my friend Derik’s place. We played Battlefield 1942 for about six hours. That time passed in what felt like an eyeblink.

I carted my tower back home, and then headed out to fest for a few hours of partying before sleeping in a tent. Sunday fest. Sunday night, concert Laura and I missed because we thought there would be plenty of time. (I won tickets and everything!)

I’m cutting things short now because I have to run home. juggling tonight starts at seven, and Laura is at home waiting for me!

school’s out, time to party

So… The last four days I have been in java training, learning the intricacies (well, generalities) of object oriented programming.

Monday and tuesday, I spent the requisite 8 hours there, and then another 2 or 3 hours (3 monday, 2 tuesday) at work, finishing up projects that took longer than expected. Believe me, this sucked ass.

But more than feeling really busy, another thing kept me from blogging these past few days–lack of internet access. The training lab didn’t have networking. In fact, in this entire high-tech training facility, the only machine we had access to that was hooked up to the internet was the front desk machine. So if you wanted to check your email or something on lunch break, you had to a) wait till nobody else was already doing so, and b) sit behind this little counter as if you were answering phones or something.

Point is, I felt incredibly cut off from the internet. Today I was jonsing. Our instructor was this really interesting guy, and constantly bringing up topics that I would have loved to do some “further reading” on while I was sitting in lecture. It didn’t help any that I felt fairly advanced in the course, and would have liked the pace of the class to be about twice or three times what it was. It was hard to keep my eyes open at times. We spent almost the entire day with the digital projector, and thus in dim lighting–the instructor’s voice was also quite droning.

I’ve had about fifty ideas for blog entries in the last few days. For now, at least, this will have to do.

viruses in the boot-tay

Well, thanks to Derik’s genius birthday gift of Symantec AntiVirus, my computer appears to have completely reverted to a splendiferous state of happiness. Nate will be so pleased (he refers to it as his computer). AntiVirus found 5 viruses, including a trojan horse, all of which were eradicated (two by hand, however). I am, of course, also quite pleased. I thought I was going to have to rebuild the OS from scratch.

Hooray for nonsense!

Finding a heretofore undiscovered Toad the Wet Sprocket CD (their hits album, released posthumously) on a co-worker’s desk was enough to get “Walk on the Ocean” stuck in my head, and I’m sitting here trying not to hum it while I work.

Today is a fat-track. I’m just riding the waves to couchtown. Tinsel haircut, I’m razzing my dazzling.

I heard one of the IT people chastise a co-worker for having IM software on her computer. Until there’s an official memo or something, I’m keeping mine open, and screw the man. Frankly, the man can suck my fatty.

I am mildly tempted to play the Big Urban Game. Link courtesy of Yami who linked to these weird knowledge maps that are also a product of the UofMN’s design institute. (How do these guys get money anyway?!? Oh, a $1mil grant from Target? Of course!) I’m sure that appears in some way humanitarian, but I can think of about a hundred better ways to spend a million dollars.

A call from my sister informed me that her Choir teacher is my age. That makes me old, apparently.

I’m off to enjoy a lovely family dinner. Maybe I can choke on a fork or something and put this lame old dog down.

birth day

it’s it. today is it.

I am notoriously depressed on my b-day. I haven’t yet slept, so it’s not quite “real” yet, but I think today will be not so much depression as introspection. (that’s how the depression starts, really.)

I have celebrated by reading my other birthday blog entry. I don’t quite know how that’s celebration, but go with me here.

poems are floating emotion
“flailing emotive words”
a mutually destructive relationship
between sentence and semantics

I purchased soul caliber II tonight. It’s suppose to be a present from Nate, but I know he doesn’t have any money till friday, so I bought it for myself so I had something to do before Laura got home tonight. But she got home early, and watched me play it for far too long.

The dream that is life wakes in death.
An aspiration to eternity
tucked into the back pocket of god —
life a cigarette sucked through your asshole.

things that I used to do

“lower than the ocean
swimming in the sea
like I’m a starfish
check me, baby
shining all night long
just to get some…”


All the lyrics sites out there think it’s “like I’m a swordfish”, but I’ve always heard it “like I’m a starfish”. (Makes it more clever that way.) I’ll have to go home and listen to it tonight. I had it stuck in my head this morning when I woke up, and thought about bringing it to work. Guess I should have.

Now I’m listening to the Fugee’s version of Bohemian Rhapsody. Weird shit. (Not that the original wasn’t weird as fuck.) Also covered by the fugees and listened to this morning: “Killing Me Softly With His Song”, and “No Woman, No Cry”.

I recently re-alphabetized my CD collection, which may have jarred my brain back into music listening mode.

Also on my playlists recently: The new Weakerthans album, Mara Naylor singing Naked and Sacred (in about fifty remixes), and the Street’s album Original Pirate Material.

fille deux menage a trois

So after our cleaning binge yesterday, we invited a few people over. After much drinking, and a smattering of DDR, my most coveted of sexual fantasies became a reality. I finally found myself in laura’s bed with another woman–all of us naked.

No, it was not e, although she was a party attendee, and did poke her head in at one point later in the festivities. (I also set up her new blog at some point in the evening.) We shall call the fair maiden K (despite any possible Kafka-esque interpretations). K had to be up at some incredibly early hour this morning, making a full night’s revelry impossible. But I have some hope for future engagements as she is a good friend, recently out of a 2 or 3 year relationship. Of course, I plan to take full advantage of her rebound status.

I turn 27 on Thursday. For now at least, I still feel young! Life barrels on like a brush fire dawn.

The passing of days is the flickering of lights in the tunnel outside the subway car window. And today, it’s my stop.

didn’t think it would bother me…

I’m in a rather pissy mood because I just found out that Nate was invited to this wedding that I wasn’t invited to. It’s an ex girlfriend of mine, and we dated for over two years. I guess she still had some serious “me” issues, but I had thought we were pretty much over them. the last few times I’ve seen her it’s always been “oh, we should hang out more…” etc, but I do remember calling her in the last couple of months and hearing crickets chirping in response. It shouldn’t be a big deal that I wasn’t invited… I mean, I don’t even like weddings. But now that I know nate has been hiding it from me, that pretty much just clinches my being pissed off about it.

so petty… so petty.

In other news, we are cleaning the house. I organized the CDs, and made a small dent in the living room, but am now taking a break to check my email and stuff. I am also waiting impatiently for e to call me back.