spirit abrasions

Don’t we all long to say something profound?
Longing is, in this sense, a diversionary tactic–
an escape from the reality of saying nothing, or
saying something pointless or irrelevant.

Run for it.

Breathe into your hand,
smell the sound of your lies
between the cracks of your fingers,
slipping out into night.

I wish it were night that spanks me thus.


We dumpsterdive for canker sores and
settle on romantic evenings–
alone with stench.

Tape recording obliterated-esophagus rock,
our limbs dance without rhythm–
they don’t have eyes, and think no one sees them.

Clear tape holds our eyelids closed
but we can struggle to see a glimmering slit
enough to want to see things clearly.

Baleful pins and needling,
the numb feeling is normal without blood flow
and when it finally arrives, it’s cold.
We desperately try friction.

commenters on crack

Ah yes, it’s time for another exciting entry about everyone’s favorite blogging topic–web stats and referrer logs!

I’ll be your host for this wild romp through search-result wonderland, as we coast down a magical molehill of wacky and unusual traffic that’s driven right here by absolutely crazy catch phrases! That’s right; phrases like “wordsex” (12.22% of all search strings!), “mancoon” (2.93%), “trivial questions”, “snow plow pictures”, “thoughts”, “meghan ryan”, and ultimately, “crack cocane”!

I wrote an entry back in the day about how I misspelled cocaine and was generating traffic from it. Well, today I got another comment to that entry, someone who wants to know how to freebase! Since my entry had NOTHING AT ALL to do with cocaine other than including the word itself, I can only assume that this lovely fellow didn’t even read it!

So those interesting referrer logs that everyone loves to post… WORTHLESS!

BTW, I still come up first for a search on the phrase “sexsweat”, but it’s not even listed in the top 20 on my logs. C’mon people, lets search for more of that lovely perfumed liquid in the future, alright?

All… right.