When this page is archaic,

When this page is archaic,
like a .txt file,
I’ll store it away
and look at it infrequently.

Poetry will truly be alive then,
writhing and swirling images
changing with your emotions.
The universe will be larger and more full
inside bytes of our digital kingdom.

We live group lives, networks.

We live group lives, networks.
Every mind a node,
every mind made up of nodes.
Each shallow twist in our relationships
is the end of an integrated circuit.

excerpt from a letter to Arlene

those bit-chip blue chrysanthimums
rose red roses on cathode ray tube monitors
the freshness of email +
the excitement of an admirerer’s flowers
here is the new love,
writ in binary.

We live lives through redraw eyes

We live lives through redraw eyes
lines-of-type lives
screen strain lives
networks and email–
silences broken by pipelines
existing in electricity only.

* * *

This is my online journal. More than that though, it’s also my space (and inspiration) to talk about the way that, for me, technology is more than a life-defining phenomenon. All forms of technology, but especially computer technologies, are for me a form of poetry. Of course, saying something is a life-defining phenomenon is nothing to take lightly. For the past several decades, an amazing percentage of the American populous (and a smaller percentage of the world populous) has been technology dependent. Enough for now.

today designs tomorrow

today designs tomorrow
lust for new life
–life all inclusive–
pennies ripple in a water of info
plop! my head submerged.

* * *

This page is my attempt to maintain a connection between technology, hard technology, and poetry. Yes, this is a flakey objective, hardly scientific, but perhaps science is less scientific than we might at first suppose. (For a discussion of this subject, check out Autonomous Technology by Langdon Winner, Against Method by Paul Feyerabend, or any reference to Technological Determinism.)

Perhaps science shapes people’s lives as poetry once did. Perhaps computers and the internet are the new poetry, as TV was the new poetry fifty years ago. The way we define poetry has always been tenuous. Definitions are subjective anyway. Enough for now.