day of computer frustration 1,000,001.

day of computer frustration 1,000,001.

My mom got a cute little (impractical) Olympus digital camera from her brother. She has never wanted, nor needed, a digital camera. She needed a real camera, so I bought her one for her birthday, and she’s happy. I inherited the little tyke, and it’ll be fine for web stuff… IF I COULD GET IT TO INSTALL ON MY MACHINE!!! Note: this may not be the fault of the manufacturers, or their software… but I keep getting an error that says I need to install various other stuff on my computer, (in the midst of trying to install the drivers for the camera) and asking me to kindly insert my windows 98 SE disk. Well, the files are not found on the disk. Wonders of wonders, my camera still does not connect.


I’m trying to find a good free host with php. This is a more daunting task than I’d first imagined.

now I have to go into work and fix some crappy templates because we’ve sold all self-respect, and have a completely inexcusable deadline for a microsoft project. It’s insane how at a very much lower level than their software development people (ie, their web-outsourcing people) the attitudes at microsoft are exactly the same as the attitudes they are most known and despised for… basically that they want to push the product out the door regardless of QA and/or project readiness.

And this is progress for my stupid company. (yay, we have big clients! :P)

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