it’s been awhile… I put

it’s been awhile… I put in my app today with gameinformer… (er, yesterday now.)

I’ve had this strange peace-less feeling lately, like everything is on edge. I think it’s partly lack of sleep, and partly just stress about work and finding a new job. It’s hard enough living with the knowledge that I now have real financial commitments in my life, like rent and various credit card payments I have to make. Piled on top of that is the fear that I suddenly won’t be able to make them. Yeesh. I hate sounding grown up.

I think I’ll take the day off tomorrow, it’ll be good because I’m already taking wed off for vacation, and thursday and friday are holliday, so that means the rest of the week is mine.

But on the other hand, I should really… yeah, right. more video games, less worry… maybe more job searching though. more thanksgiving this weekend…

thanksmas rant forthcoming.

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