oh! I thought for sure

oh! I thought for sure I’d already posted from the holliday. *sigh* such slack.

I’m in one of those future-reflective moods, thinking about my girl, how she’s all primed up for grad school, and I’m still wondering if I’ll ever get around to paying off the 2 grand I owe for my last semester at the university, (which somehow slipped past financial aid–those bastards). And she’ll probably want to move… something I’m not exactly ready/prepared to do. I sometimes fantasize about certain individuals having a more active role in my life… Twists of circumstance putting distance between potential romance. And then there’s the thought of a fresh start. A new job, home, city, that kind of thing. Whether I follow Laura to her city of grad school choice, or whether I stake out on my own, (I’ve been contemplating NY for longer than I’ve known her), it’s all just so mysterious and far off.

I don’t really know what I would do without minneapolis. I don’t really have that many people I consider friends I can’t live without, but at the same time there is quite the base of friends who I see infrequently, but regularly.

this is going nowhere. I don’t want to move. but it’s a feeling akin to nostalgia when you’re deep in fantasyland.