it’s been awhile… I put

it’s been awhile… I put in my app today with gameinformer… (er, yesterday now.)

I’ve had this strange peace-less feeling lately, like everything is on edge. I think it’s partly lack of sleep, and partly just stress about work and finding a new job. It’s hard enough living with the knowledge that I now have real financial commitments in my life, like rent and various credit card payments I have to make. Piled on top of that is the fear that I suddenly won’t be able to make them. Yeesh. I hate sounding grown up.

I think I’ll take the day off tomorrow, it’ll be good because I’m already taking wed off for vacation, and thursday and friday are holliday, so that means the rest of the week is mine.

But on the other hand, I should really… yeah, right. more video games, less worry… maybe more job searching though. more thanksgiving this weekend…

thanksmas rant forthcoming.

I saw a midnight screening

I saw a midnight screening of Harry Potter. I’d heard rumor (false) that the new Eppisode II trailer (the full version, not that “breathing” teaser) would show, but alas, such was not the case. The movie, however, (after fifteen minutes of previews) was pretty damn awesome. Not as good as the book, they never are, but it was fun. Seeing a quidich match has to be the highlight, (at least for me) but there were lots of good parts.

the way that these damn

the way that these damn archives work is a mystery to me… email me if you read this… maybe it’ll chear me up… this page design looks like absolute shit in IE for mac… (on < 9.x OS) I need to fix that soonish. Earth will crumble. *floop*

yesterday I made an appearance

yesterday I made an appearance at game informer’s offices… this is a gaming mag, for those uninformed. (ha!)

um, yeah, wouldn’t it be cool to work there?

We won some awards for webdesign, (the place I work now…) I went searching the other winner’s homepages for job openings…

I’ve been down. I have no time to write.


today is link day: photoshop

today is link day:

photoshop tennis–oh MAN!

a cool blog (yes, this is my first blog link other than yami, who doesn’t count… then again, she linked it first, and I guess that may mean this one doesn’t count…) but it’s cool, and better than that, it links to other cool blogs. Someday, I’ll be a cool blog. ;) damnit, I just realized my first link was also from this one… which means I’m nobody, I’ve found nothing on my own, I’m just a dirty link clicker!

it’s about time I linked, my own site… I just today updated the black and white world wide web page. Some new cool stuff…

oh, and probably my only legitimate link of the day (which of course I got from a friend) The Dialectizer which made me laugh for hours while I read my employer’s website in hacker speak.

It doesn’t get much better

It doesn’t get much better than discussing video games and the feasibility of full consciousness uploading over good Chinese food with coworkers you actually enjoy hanging out with. Too bad the rest of the day seems shot in terms of getting actual work done. Two hour lunches do that.

I have no remorse. I’ve

I have no remorse. I’ve taken the day off for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Yeesh!

I could be doing something productive, but I think instead I’ll play video games. (I don’t count this, it’ll only take a few minutes, and it’s almost like checking my email, at least, I’m trying to think of it that way, it’ll encourage me to do it more often.) Hmmm. I think I need comments. Is it even possible to have comments on a blogspot hosted blog? (why am I asking you, you have no forum to respond!?)

ugh. *insert comments here about neverending cycles of depression and boredom*

*insert comments here about last night’s dreams*

*insert further comments here about blog technology and blogging in general*

*insert more wit and humor*

*insert foot…

fever ringing a blow-torch’s song

fever ringing a blow-torch’s song
I’m stuck in mindnumb
head like a semi in mid-america
plodding on incessantly…

my convention was a great time. I actually _walked_ on the slackrope. (managed to overcome some weird hurdle, and I even took four steps forward, and four back!) I didn’t really learn much in terms of juggling, but I won combat several times.

I honestly don’t understand how so many blogs are simply filled with links. I just spent a good fifteen minutes trying to find a link for combat (rules, or pictures, or some such) and everything sucked. Maybe I should have a more common passtime to link…

Grrrrrm. I’m thinking of cutting my hair. the forehead is threatening to take over…

oh yeah, this trip means

oh yeah, this trip means no posts again until at least sunday.

most interesting thing about today: I found out the DeCSS was overturned, or ruled in favor of the defendents (read: good guys)

I also connected some weird parts of my own city today. It’s strange how you can live somewhere for several years, and yet never realize you’re only 5 or 6 blocks from somewhere else you spent a lot of time previously. (In this case, it was a friend’s house.) My mental map of minneapolis has been updated.

end of the week for

end of the week for me. I’m taking tomorrow off to go to this juggling convention. It’s in Iowa of all places. ;)

I’m really looking forward to the trip. A little show, a little show off… good people. Digital camera…

yeah. the issue of where to move this thing is still up in the air, but I’m thinking probably it’ll make its way to my homepage ( and who cares about the ftp security issues involved.. but maybe not. maybe I’ll find a free host yet.