Today was decent.. involved. a

Today was decent.. involved. a good day. a meaningful day. I said goodbye to those aforementioned co-workers, and we all went out for lunch and drinks. Drinks evolved into drunken discussions, which are sometimes (seldom, I’ve found, but were today) the best kind of discussions, because they are open and uninhibited.

I also found out I’ve got a raise. This from our new boss… who did not attend the goodbye party. This spoke much about her, I think, and, at least for now, I’ve a newfound respect. Perhaps, she was not invited.

This was mentioned on blogger (itself!) but I’ll reproduce the link because I found it fascinating. Keep Trying is a blog seemingly devoted to blogging about blogging. Meta blogging? It’s a popular discussion topic. Someone mentioned it’s really something only newbie bloggers do, but I’m not so sure. If you don’t keep examining yourself, how do you know who you are? Do those who no longer blog about blogging no longer realize they are blogging? Is it merely something they “do” as habbit, as ritual, as instinct? (Yes, instinct can be learned.)

I suddenly had an epiphany… I can host my comments script on, and still keep my blog on blogspot. I don’t know why this didn’t occur to me before. I’m probably just an idiot.

We’ll see if I can get that done tonight, but I’m still drunk. Thousands of open source programmers can’t be wrong though, and I’ll probably do a better job while I’m drunk.

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