I was going to write

I was going to write some stupid little blurb about introspection, and how often I feel like I’m just staring off into space at parties, wondering what I look like to other people, but I decided that’s stupid. (not the staring off into space, or even the wondering what other people think of me, but the little blurb about introspection.) Except now that I’ve mentioned it, the blurb is probably over, and I’ve done it, stupid or not.

I could spout on about Final Fantasy X. That’s what’s kept me from sleep all night. It’s actualy going to be nine thirty in the AM any minute now, and I haven’t slept since about 11:00AM yesterday. Well, I did nod off for about an hour durring this one particularly puzzling part in a temple where I was suppose to move these stones around and open the door… (but the camera angle didn’t make it obvious there was a whole staircase I could use… and I didn’t figure it out until I made a trip to gamefaqs, and read ahead a bit in one of their walkthroughs.

Dynasty Warriors 3 had almost taken Grand Theft Auto 3’s place as my current favorite game. But I have to admit FFX is amazing from an aesthetic standpoint. It’s simply beautiful.

I have only one christmas present left to purchase for my family gifts to be complete. I should also try and get something for Laura before tuesday, and if I were really on the ball, I’d have something for a couple of other friends as well. I was thinking about getting her a palm pilot (she has mentioned interest in that area), but that’s what I got for my girlfriend last year at christmas, and I think there’s something about that situation that’s just wrong…

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