blogger has been down and

blogger has been down and up and hacked and back… I changed my pw, even though I use blogspot. It’s interesting to note which sites think something happening to blogger is newsworthy. (ok, I could only find one, and admitedly, it was before I made this post!)

I just discovered blogdex. It’s fascinating. Many of the currently “most popular” are things I’ve seen before, but some not. A simmilar discoverty to The Internet Archive, which has a cheezy name for their coolest feature (The WayBackMachine) which allows you to view webpages as they once were… There is so much there to digest! (but I’ve found it’s often busy.)

This is something I’ve noticed lately. It used to be that there was always too much science fiction to read. Far too much to get through. Now I still feel that way, (I can think of three or four books scratching holes in the back of my brain–where the ‘unread list’ hides) but there is a new list too, a “to read/view online” list, and it’s been growing steadily as I blog more often. Partly, this list was always there… I mean, there are a hundred thousand script sites, and tutorials that I want to get to, and I have a list of regular news sources that I get too far less regularly than I’d like… but the list has grown… or rather, there are new subsets or something. the “from blogging” category is threatening to take over. I’ve started to read blogs before bedtime. (a period normally notable for my lack of coherance as I stumble from the livingroom couch to my bed, fumbling at the power button on my PS2 in between.)

Maybe I’ve just been hungry for a new passion and I’m hoping this will satiate some of that desire. I don’t know. I do know I haven’t been writing as much, and Laura blames my recent gaming adiction on the fact that work has been stressful. I think she’s partly right, but partly I’ve been bored. I need passion! I need something to get fired up about. Blogging has nothing to do with it, but maybe reading blogs does… maybe not. But maybe, just maybe, blogging will get me interested in the internet again. There was this article on slashdot linking a relatively dumb apnews story about the commericalization of the internet, and just how much of it is owned by corperations, (and fewer corporations than in past years). Strangely, this article just made me thankful for the server space I have, knowing that even though hardly anyone reads it, it’s still there… that’s the difference between the internet and, say… TV… when corporations took over TV, they pushed out the little guys. with the internet, (sure some toes get squashed) but for the most part the little guys can still be there! The actual article does cite some pretty large toe-squashings though.

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