*sigh* sex post will have


sex post will have to wait. I have no time for anything really, and I’ve put off doing a little update like this because I wanted to sit and immerse myself in sex-tension-esque-apades for awhile. (How’s that for a word that’ll never catch on?)

I finished Cyteen, by CJ Cheryth last night, and my official opinion is that it sucked ass. If someone reading this loved the book, I’d really like to know why. It won the hugo, so a bunch of people must have, but I really just thought it was far too long, far too drawn out, and far too stupid for the length. I could maybe see if it had been really easy to read, really compelling, but I never felt that way about it, with the possible exception of the first twenty pages.

I’m moving on to a non-sci-fi book… probably the first I’ve read in at least a year. (fictional, that is.) It’s called “A Heartbreaking work of staggering genius.” or perhaps, “a staggering work of heartbreaking genius.” something like that. you get the idea. I’m probably not even getting the words right.

I’m going home now. work sucked, but I did very little but install Mozilla on my mac. It’s beautiful, by the way–mozilla is. really breaks new grounds. Tabs were a stroke of genius, and the fact that I can dissable pop-ups is enough to make me install it on my box when I get home. Blogger doesn’t really look that great in it though…