Tonight I had a little

Tonight I had a little adventure. I’ve decided I’m going to do more filming. Juggling movies are the way to go… I made that one of my brother Dan, and I’ve taken lots of other footage, but haven’t put anything together since then. (There have been a few false starts, but nothing finished, yet.)

Anyway, I came up with this idea to walk around downtown juggling for something like 30 min, then speed the video up so it’s like 4 or 5 minutes of fast-forward juggling. Easy, right? Well, I convinced Nate to do the filming, and we even looked up the exact time of sunset, so we’d hit it right in the middle. The plan was to film until the digital camera’s battery gave out, which is normally something like 30 min. Anyway, just as we were starting, I realized that I was still wearing a coat, and not only is it hard to juggle in a coat, but I knew I was going to get hot. We were something like20 feet from Nate’s car… and I wanted to go back and put it in there, but he said “no, I’ll carry it.” and off we went.

It went great. After the camera gave out (at 45 minutes!) I was super exhausted, and we’d had a lot of fun. Nate handed me my coat, and I checked my pockets. No wallet. Shit.

So we retraced our steps, squinting into every dark little puddle and snowbank looking for the damn thing. No dice. another 45 minutes later, I walked back into work (we did the whole thing downtown) to check my messages and grab my backpack before leaving. There were like 3 messages on my work phone, and as I was checking them, Nate checked the answering machine at home. Some lady had already found my wallet!

So we ran over there, and this lady (who seemed like she probably thought I was a moron for loosing it in the first place) handed over the thing without saying 3 words. She maybe said “you’re welcome.” maybe.

So that was my evening. I left the batery charger at work–I’d been in such a hurry to get my wallet back–so no video editing tonight. I’ll do it tomorrow.