I find ordinary fiction relatively

I find ordinary fiction relatively boring. That is, unless it brings something else to the table. Probably the most common “other” thing a book can bring to me is beautiful prose. Poetic prose even. The one I’m reading now does this well. It’s funny even. Funny is good too.

When I write, I should think about this issue more. Not when I write here. That’s not what I mean. This is more of a journal really. I mean when I write stories and stuff. When I write boring prose, it should be poetic. Or funny. It can be funny too.

I’d rather write science fiction.

Last friday I saw William Shatner right here in Minnesota. He was promoting the release of his movie (he directed and starred it in) called “Shoot or be shot.” I didn’t see the movie, in fact, we didn’t even know he was going to be there. It was weird. He seems nice. He’s short. I didn’t shake hands with him or anything, just watched from 10 feet for a few minutes.

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