ok, so I’ve always kinda

ok, so I’ve always kinda thought people who post their search engine results referrals are a little weird, but now I TOTALY see the attraction.

I come up first on google for the term sexsweat.

oh yeah baby. Plus, at some point I misspelled cocaine “cocane”, and if you search for “how to make crack cocane” (without the quotes) I come up first. It’s a funny misspelling, because–even though I know I’m a poor speller–I do know how to spell cocaine. I also show up when you search for “excitement machine” and strangely enough, blog + newbie does it too.

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  1. hey i like what you have to say and dont worry i miss spell it to and i would like to know how to make crack cocane so if you can help me out then my yahoo name is candygirl_1313us if you want to i.m me and my msn hotmail and name is candygirl_1313us@hotmail.com just put i know how to make what you want and like to help you out or something like that so i would really like it if you could help me out thx

  2. We used to cook up (or down) what we called freebase years ago. H–L, I can’t remember how we did that, except baking Soda, water, and a lighter and test tube.How is that different from crack and how the devil do U make it ?
    PEACE !!!!!

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