ok, a few comments, since

ok, a few comments, since I’m up at 8:00AM to update a client’s site… which is, i have to say, complete bullshit.

Somehow, after more than 9 months living in bachelor-pad heaven, the insects have finally caught on. For some reason, there is now a cricket in my room. The damn thing is faster and smarter than me, and I’ll never catch it.

Also, my room-mate, whome none of you were probably aware was out of town, is now back. I awoke this morning to find my room a frozen arctic again, since appartently the heat was far too great when he (I should say they, since his g/f is with him) got home at whatever time last night. Now, there’s an underlying issue here. The thermostat is only in the living room. Yet my room is BY FAR the coldest room in the appartment. We do not pay for heat. Nate and his g/f can open a fucking window. My room does not need to be twenty degrees.

Finally, there is a new Mozilla build out. Get it!