Well, I have a new

Well, I have a new business idea. I’m not sure what the reaction is going to be amongst bloggers, but I’m hoping it’ll be a positive one. I’ve registered www.googlebombsquad.com. I stole the idea from this article:http://www.corante.com/microcontent/articles/googlebombs.shtml

I’m hoping it’ll take off, and I’ll have at least a few hundred sign ups (once I start promoting it, of course). I’m going to start the programming this weekend, but I want to get a FAQ and some other pages up before that happens (perhaps a preliminary signup form too…) Anyway, it’s no worse than having one of those blogsnob links on your site, and hey, you may get paid! (of course, there is the moral dillema of altering the sacred google–selling out, etc.)