second day in the new

second day in the new office. I don’t mind it so much right now, but I do feel a bit like an outsider. I’m trying to get over my drunken crush on a co-worker, and it’s not helping that I have to work fairly closely with her for the next couple of weeks. (I got seriously plastered last friday and found out she has either had a crush on me, or just thought I was attractive–I’m not sure which–anyway, I was hitting on her pretty badly, and I think she’s since reversed her opinion.)

I have been buying CDs like crazy this last week. I picked up a copy of Ben Fold’s latest, which I think is fabulous. But before that there were like six that I found used and should have been in my collection already.

Right now I’m listening to Etienne Daho, who is a sort of french pop star. It’s pretty good stuff.. The album is called Corps & Arms. I have another of his as well, but I’m spacing on the name. A co-worker hooked me up with these.

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