I’ve already spent a large

I’ve already spent a large chunk of my time at work today logging my hours for the last two weeks. We’re suppose to log hours daily, but I’m far too busy to spend an extra five to ten minutes a day trying to figure out what I’ve been doing all day. I was just thinking, what if I had to do this with my weekend?

  • 12 hours playing Tetris Worlds
  • 17 hours sleeping (not including last night)
  • 3 hours having sex
  • 3 hours unicycling on friday
  • 3 hours playing Tetrisphere
  • 2 hours doing internet research on Tetris variations, and Neil Voss, who did the soundtrack for Tetrisphere and The New Tetris (both for N64)
  • 2 or 3 hours reading my new book, The Eyre Affair
  • 1 hr compiling and then packing my laundry to go to the laundrymat
  • 1 hr driving to/from laura’s place on the way to the laundrymat
  • 1/2 hr spent in line to get my oil changed at Valvoline (and leaving because it looked like another 1/2 hr would pass before I got in!

there’s at least two hours unaccounted for. I’m not sure where those went. Maybe staring off into space. Maybe eating? Probably eating.

2 Replies to “I’ve already spent a large”

  1. So what did you find out about Voss?

    I’m trying to figure out where he is, what he’s doing, and when (if) Tetrisphere’s soundtrack will ever be released at 44khz.

  2. I sure wish i could download or buy or eat or anything that soundtrack!!! Bad-ASS!!! I loved it and if anyone could tell me where i could get ahold of it… boy oh boy

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