a week in this hell-of-an-office.

a week in this hell-of-an-office.

an email list that was formerly limmited pretty much to porn and dirty jokes has now been the main avenue for discussion of this news. None of us even have real details on this thing, but we all have opinions!

Chris–one of my favorite coworkers–has posted several cries for peace, including the full lyrics to “you are my sunshine”… Isn’t internet debate great!?!

I got an email from alex, who is in Japan. Apparently he’s taken it over. I wouldn’t schedule any vacations for there in the near future.

Tonight I’m suppose to see the original “Ocean’s Eleven” with Jason, who is thinks my preference of color movies over B&W is a crime of some sort.

that’s all the news that’s fit to blog. Or rather, all of it I’m bored enough to type…