things I want to get

things I want to get this weekend:

a get-well card for my grandmother, who slipped and fell, breaking a finger or other bone in her hand…

an oil change for my poor neglected car.

easter candy on sale at target.

A shaver for my scalp. (also, probably, from target)

I know there was more, but I can’t remember. Today is another boring addition to my existence in Plymouth, MN. I’m considering writing a novel while at work. I could just write a sentence or two in between every menial task I perform, and I’m sure a few weeks later I’d have hundreds of pages.

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  1. I got the card, and shaver, and a few other miscelanious things at target. The card I got is a little scary, I don’t know if she’ll like it. Maybe I should have been more conservative. She is my grandmother, after all… (are sex jokes right out for cards for your grandmother?) I think she’ll like it… maybe.

    I’m a moron.
    Sat 03:03

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