Depth of frames.

On my screen I can count over eight visible places I could be entering text. Watch the blinking cursor. Keep track of window order. onFocus. onClick. onLoad. onLook. onSweat. onWrite.

Depth of frames.

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upchuck doctype
crosseyed browser compatibility

I haven’t been paying attention to this whole blog thing this week. And why haven’t I been able to find a decent archive of April Fools day site modifications. Everyone does it… change their site just for april 1. I particularly liked GameFAQ branding themselves GameFaX, and covering only X-box titles. I should have looked for more of them, but didn’t even think of it until today because I was too busy playing Dynasty Warriors3 in a snowstorm.

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  1. about the ‘But I’m A Cheerleader’ soundtrack…..
    tattletale are amazing and yes glass vase cello case has been on repeat here too….for days infact :) ….i was just wondering if you knew any of the other song titles in the film???
    yours hopefully,
    merc xXx
    Thu 14:01

  2. yes, I found them at

    “Chick Habit” April March
    “Just Like Henry” Dressy Bessy
    “If You Should Try And Kiss Her” Dressy Bessy
    “All Or Nothing” Miisa
    “We’re In The City” Saint Ettiene
    “The Swishes” Summer’s Eve
    “Funnel Of Love” Wanda Jackson
    “Ray Of Sunshine” Go Sailor
    “Glass Vase Celo Case” Tattle Tale
    “Party Train” RuPaul
    “Evening In Paris” Lois
    “Together Forever In Love” Go Sailor

  3. Howdy, everyone !
    I found “But I’m a Cheerleader” terrific, esp. the soundtrack. I’m stuck in Germany here, so if ANYONE has ANY idea where I could get it on CD… thanx !

  4. I’m sorry, you can’t. i searched for it too. it doesnt exsist. unless you want to buy all the artists individual cds that have those songs, youre screwed .:(. you can download some of them off a media system like kazaa, shareaza, or winmx, but not most of them because theyre pretty unknown. its a sick sad world.

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