Another former co-worker has started

Another former co-worker has started a blog! This time it’s nancy, who used to be president of our company. She registered a while back, and has just now gotten around to putting some stuff there.

I’m eating Teddy Grahams, and for some reason, my fingers are not content to pick just one at a time out of the box. Yet, my mouth seems only able to accept one at a time. I am constantly picking them up off my desk and lap. I must look like a total slob.

This weekend is a trip to Kansas City to visit a couple of Laura’s sisters. Supposedly they have DSL, so maybe I’ll even get to update my blog. Not that anyone reads this thing. ;)

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  1. another “me too” comment from me… that’s exactly how i eat. it’s very uplifting to read about someone else doing this ;-)

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