well, Laura’s car has a

well, Laura’s car has a flat, so I gave her a ride, and I’m into work at the unbelievably-early hour of 8AM. How do people fucking do this? There were three of us here when I first arrived, and now the population of the office has doubled. I feel like some kind of lab rat. Plus, I should be wearing a sweater, my office is FUCKING COLD.

Oh yeah, everyone wish Yami a happy birthday. w00t!

3 Replies to “well, Laura’s car has a”

  1. no, the nippage has been the only bonus of our refrigerator/office. I won’t mention any names…
    Tue 13:55

  2. I always thought *everyone* was burning with secret desire to see their coworkers’ nips. Fuck, man, I’m alone in the world all again!
    Mon 15:43

  3. hey–they can afford to turn up the heat in that place.

    plus–no one over there wants to see your nips man. tell them to warm it up!!
    Mon 09:40

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