How’s this for a nice

How’s this for a nice weekend:

Friday, I went and looked at houses again. Saw a couple that might actually be worth living in, but neither that we were so exciting that we’d have to buy RIGHT THEN. Straight from looking at houses to a bachelor party for a friend of mine from juggling. We played 8 player Halo on 2 X-boxes, one hooked to a big screen tv, and the other to a projection monitor type thing. The entire wall was Halo. Awesome shit. We stayed up far too late considering the next morning….

we woke up at 6:30 to go play paintball. Got there around 7:30, started playing at 8:00, played till noon. $75, but it was fun as hell. I have bruises but not as many as some of the guys (you can imagine how the groom got pummelled, as it was his party.) But in general, I didn’t do nearly as well as I’d done playing halo.

After that, home to shower, then straight out to my friend Derik’s to a lan party. My computer has been flakey at best lately, so I borrowed one of his “spares”. It kicked ass!!! OMG. We played some maps by this guy Lake Trout. Everyone who showed up was awesome, and we played some kick ass 7 on 7 capture the flag. I even got the high score on one of the games!

Sunday, I woke up around noon, finished my taxes, fell back asleep, woke up at 3pm, did laundry with laura, mailed my taxes, and went to a movie party where we watched Mystery Train.

All in all, it was a good weekend. I need another one to recover.

wow, I’m a blog slacker.

wow, I’m a blog slacker. This week has been hell, working on a new site for Symantec. (TM) I’m getting fucking sick of working on yellow sites. Three out of the last four large sites I’ve worked on have been yellow. What’s up with that?

Today is pretty yellow.

I once started a manuscript of poetry I was calling Yellow. At least, I think that’s what I was calling it. You can see all the books I actually finished here:

My friend Meghan just started a blog, and has been showing me up by consistently writing interesting stuff… She had a headache this morning similar to mine. She told me not to publish her link cause the site isn’t done yet, but I think it’s good enough. I won’t add it to my links till her “friends” page contains something other than “asd’fkjsadfj;laskf;jl”

My friend Jason has registered

My friend Jason has registered a domain name, and thinks he’s going to be a porn barron.

It wouldn’t be so bad if he just wanted me to appear on the site, it’d be almost flattering even. But he has to mention the fact that he finds my brothers attractive. *shudder*

There really aught to be a law.

songs recently aquired from Gnutella:

songs recently aquired from Gnutella:

Otis Redding: I can’t get no Satisfaction
Devo: I can’t get no Satisfaction
Ben Folds Five: Brick (Acoustic)
Superdrag: Who sucked out the Feeling
Tattle Tale: Glass Vase Cello Case

The last is from the movie “But I’m a Cheerleader”. The soundtrack was apparently never released, but if you look hard enough, there has been some clammor for it. I’m hoping to download the entire Tattle Tale album, because it’s rare, (or at least hard to find). The song is awesome, and I’ve put it on repeat. (Otis Redding is awesome too.)

What’s up? My roomate and I (flatmate heh.) are looking for a house. I’m not at all certain of my financial future, but I figure, if I’m pumping money into something to the tune of half my paycheck (right now it’s like a fourth, but if I were to buy a house, it’d be like half), it might as well be something saleable in the future.

What else? There are a couple of short articles in the new issue of wired about blogs. It’s crazy really, people thinking this will take over for traditional news. Who exactly (of those blogging) has time to do anywhere near the amount of research traditional print magazines put into their articles–for a blog? I’m not saying nobody does, but certainly not me, and certainly not in the numbers that would be needed to take away from traditional news-venue readership.

Anyway, the “wanna bet” thing bugged me. Nisenholtz just sounded like we’re going to have more opinion columns in Time Digital, which would (in my opinion) be abysmal. Blogs, for me, are not a news source. Unless you count “finding cool new interenet sites” a newsworthy item–which I do, but which many people would not. Anyway, for me they’re more like reading a non-fiction book or something. It’s fascinating how much poetry we can find in people’s everyday lives.

UPDATE: Mozilla seems to have some issue today with refreshing the bottom blogger frame. I had to resort to Exploder to post this entry.

Depth of frames.

On my screen I can count over eight visible places I could be entering text. Watch the blinking cursor. Keep track of window order. onFocus. onClick. onLoad. onLook. onSweat. onWrite.

Depth of frames.

render template
upchuck doctype
crosseyed browser compatibility

I haven’t been paying attention to this whole blog thing this week. And why haven’t I been able to find a decent archive of April Fools day site modifications. Everyone does it… change their site just for april 1. I particularly liked GameFAQ branding themselves GameFaX, and covering only X-box titles. I should have looked for more of them, but didn’t even think of it until today because I was too busy playing Dynasty Warriors3 in a snowstorm.