well, I’ve been ignoring this

well, I’ve been ignoring this here blog for almost a week now. Chaos has ensued in nearly all aspects of my life. Work is… well, work. There has been quite a bit of blame-slinging lately, and I feel like I’m in preschool here.

The big news is that I’m trying to put together an “act” for the renaissance festival this summer. My brother and sister will be in it, along with good friends AJ and Travis, who I have known for awhile in a juggling context.

We’ve been getting together almost every day this week, despite (or maybe partly fostered by) the fact that I’ve been calling in sick, and sleeping till noonish every day. I really have been sick, although if I’d have known how sick–and how much work I’d miss–I probably wouldn’t have taken monday off.

Not that I’ve missed working… I wish I lived in another country, where I could work 30 hours/week. I wish that were more socially acceptable here. If I could get away with it, I’d do it at the job I’m at now. I wonder if they’d let me… they’d probably make me hourly or something.

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